Wed, Feb 12, 2014


Two Candidates for Mayor for Newark Drop Out

BY lyanne



Robert Treat Hotel – Tuesday has been a political storm as two candidates, seeking the office of mayor for the city of Newark rescinded their aspiration and are now seeking to be re-elected two their council seats.  At approximated 11:08 am.  the current Northward councilmen, suspended his seek of the office of mayor, and informed a room field with reporters and residence that he was seeking to be re-elected as North ward councilmen, and will now support the Shavar Jefferies campaign for mayor and be on the Jeffries Team as ticket for northward.  The mood at the presentation was tense and both teams political operatives were present.  What is and clear with this new alliance, the Jeffries Teams has the two leading funders coming together set up the 90 day sprint to May 13th were money may be the decisive  factor in this political campaign.


This set the election for Mayor to a new trajectory, and a financial reality for the Sharif campaign that was too large to ignore.    At approximately 2:15 pm , Darrin Sharif informed a smaller group of reporters and supporters that he to was suspending his efforts in pursuing the Mayor’s position and that he too would be seeking to be re-elected as Central-ward Councilmen.


With this said, tonight most likely will be an interesting debate, the field is now clear two candidates Mr. Baraka and Mr. Jeffries remain.



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