Fri, Aug 1, 2014

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The People and their Styles at Lincoln Park Festival

BY lyanne

At the Lincoln Park music festival, we have talked about its music and its mission to transform a community.  But today,  Friday we want to celebrate Newark’s style.  The Brick city,  has it own styles unique from Manhattan and although similar in some ways to Brooklyn, its styles is unique to itself.   Here is short sample of the of styles trending at the festival.  It also should be noted and acknowledge a fashion show at the festival, but these selections are the candid shoots of spectators, guest, and residents. First and Foremost, we want to put this out that this is not the definitive selections of fashions and styles, nor  an assessment of the styles and trends of Newark.  There is a rich tapestry of styles and fashion that is all unique to Newark, that we felt needed to be shared.  If  have other photos please share and wee will include them on an updated page.

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  1. Owen Griffin Says:

    At least it is more instructive than one of those reality Television stars,
    kim who? Joey what?


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