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The Anthony Kiedis of The Garden State

BY Two Headed Monster

The Anthony Kiedis of The Garden State

Now Two Headed Monster loves us some Z.M Wright, so it’s only fair that we share one of Jersey’s treasured jewels with our followers here at If you could put dopeness in a bottle and sell it, this would be it’s spokesperson. The Dr. King of Dopeness, this jack of all trades, is the dope touch you need for any event or production. So here are a few questions to get you familiar with who he is, what he does, and why he’s so Dope.

So tell us a little about your come up. Where you started and where you are going? – I’m a college educated media mogul and, what I like to call, “Awesome-preneur”. I took a year off to travel the world after Howard University and got back just in time to drop out of law school and start my own business, The De Miche Group LLC. ( Today, I’m a film producer and brand architect that has consulted some of the largest corporations in the country and worked with some of the most powerful brands in modern day capitalism.

Some may recognize you from a little show called “I WANNA WORK FOR DIDDY”on Vh1. What did you learn from that experience and from Diddy?– Money is no substitute for pedigree.

You seem invested in New Jersey. What does Jersey mean to you? I’m a “towny” as far as the Garden State goes. No matter where I am in the world the Garden is my home, my mistress, and my muse… and I love her like cooked food. (there’s a hip-hop reference for my blackness) There’s beauty in the landscape, character in the people, and more untapped opportunity here than anywhere else in the country. Garden State to the dirt. #IAmTheAnthonyKiedisOfTheGardenState

Now not too long ago you were featured as ESSENCE magazine’s Single Man of the Month. How does a women attract a ZM Wright? And are you still single? – Hahaha, YES I’m single, and I LOVE women. I want to fall in love with a woman who is in love with herself enough to freely be in love with me. Confident, not cocky or “independent.” I want that summer movie love, with those physical nights in. A woman who is gorgeous, intelligent, and loves what she does…a woman with passion, purpose, and a smile. A geek, a mother, a sister, a wife and a lover.  And when I find her I’ll put rings on it like Kobe. I don’t believe in independence. I think it was designed to break up the family. My woman is just that. Mine.

So where can people see more of you? and what can we expect next from you? – I build successful businesses where my heart takes me.  and or facebook(!/zmwright).

These last couple of years I’ve been behind the scenes being an awesome-preneur.

I’m working on a few projects for my entrepreneur guys and gals out there to benefit from my experience. I’m also developing a salon, getting involved politically with education reform, fundraising for arts initiatives in my hometown of New Brunswick, and working with my favorite 4 teenage girls (my little cousins) to help them with their life goals and possibly develop a project to bring esteem back to the American teen girl experience. Finally, I’m a film buff, I may produce some movies.

Now feel free to tell our followers why you love Two Headed Monster :) You guys are wild and speak to the animal in me. It takes courage to be different and I was told the nation lost its way when the driven and different stopped courageously making a difference.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there you have it, Z.M Wright. Did he charm your pants off with those answers or what? Make sure you check him out and keep coming back for more features and articles from Two Headed Monster!

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