TAG Presents: Addiction, Love, and Love’s Addiction

BY Melissa Bee

TAG Presents: Addiction, Love, and Love’s Addiction

The Rutgers-Newark Theatre Arts Group presented Addictions, Love, and Love’s Addiction in three showings at the Bradley Hall Theater last week. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday the student-written, adapted, choreographed, produced, and directed performance came to life for its audience.

The play was written by Tristan Clausell and was directed and choreographed by Sindy Sanchez. Fun and short promotional videos were made for the play by Jay Patel.

Addiction, Love, and Love's Addiction

The Theatre Arts Group produces a play every semester, separate from the NJIT-Rutgers Theatre Programs’ four performances each year. It is unique in that it is run entirely by students and is done only for entertainment, to benefit the students.

The play was excellently written and had some interesting and unique choreography tying it together. The cast consisted of six Rutgers-Newark students: Emily Baldwin, Eric Campos, Darleny Garcia, Yasmine Gharib, Bryan Orellana, and Austin Vidich.

The promos for the production can be viewed below:

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  1. Sir KnowItAll Says:

    When Martin S did his first movie, people knew something special was about. That is what you feel when you see Mr. Tristan C’s play. This is the first step of a long road for this prodigy.


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