Thu, Sep 27, 2012

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Solo(s) Project House Rocks Another Friday Night

BY Haylee Anne

Solo(s) Project House Rocks Another Friday Night

Newark was treated to an hella awesome, interactive opening at Solo’s Project House on Friday, September 14. The opening featured a double show, with work by Will Suarez and Darren Francis McManus, the artists who took part in Solo(s) Second Annual Summer Residency Program.

In McManus’ show, Cosmosis, visitors were treated to a hyperactive, ultra saturated installation of bright wall paintings and outrageous colors. The artist also incorporated  3D elements in his work, giving patrons 3D glasses to witness the full effect of his work. The result was a stunning display of trippy pop outs and Mayan-esque shapes.

In contrast, Suarez’s show, Mind.Body.HolySpirit, featured heavenly paintings of soft, serene colors of all different shapes and sizes. The artist also carved and formed intricate and unique slingshot devices. These were later used in a side room filled with miniature painting where patrons could use the slingshots with dice pieces to shoot down the paintings to keep, three shots for five bucks. There was a line out the door, and no one left empty handed.

Featuring the usual wine and treats, Solo(s) was brimming with people from 7pm-11pm. There was not a face that wasn’t smiling by the end of the night.

This show will be up until October 15 and is part of the Newark Open Doors Tour. For more images on the process of the work, visit:



All images by me, Haylee Anne Photography.

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