Fri, Nov 2, 2012


Sandy, Say It Ain’t So!

BY kquest

Sandy, Say It Ain’t So!

Hope you are reading this in good health and with joy in your heart, because you are ALIVE!!! Unlike NBC’s show Revolution, some people have electricity and others know it’s coming back soon.

It has been  more than 3 days since the storm- people have lost their electricity, cars, windows and homes! Since Tuesday PSE&G has been working around the clock outside my apartment building repairing a huge transformer explosion.

The boyfriend and I parked the car on the second level of Welcome Parking on Commerce Street to avoid flooding in the basement,  little did we think the roof would flood!!!! As we got up to our car we heard a siren noise (like in some type of apocalyptic movie) and saw water leaking out of the elevator.

The wrath of Sandy was something out of a movie unparalleled to any other storm in the Tri-State area -So let’s recap on what happened in the Downtown neck of the woods.

People are trying to lend a helping hand to neighbors anyway  they can. I myself have a crew of displaced friends from the Ironbound staying with  us as the temperature drops and electricity in their hood is still scarce.  It’s going to be a long time before we are back up to normal especially with the PATH and transit lines down for who knows how long.

Thanks Sandy!

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