Rockers come out for the 7th annual WOOFSTOCK (part 2)

BY lyanne



The owner of HKL owners, Kelly Moraes and her husband Anthony are animal rights activists, as well as local adoption spokespersons. If you follow the Lounge on Facebook, you might have  notice that they have been rooting for adoptions for quite sometime. They constantly are creating awareness by posting up information for each of the shelter animals that need a home.  Kelly Moraes speaks about her passion behind the cause:  My sister had adopted a dog and my parents wanted to follow suit. So I started taking my Dad to open adoptions at Pet Co and PetSmart. It turned out that most of these dogs came from the Newark animal shelter. It broke my heart to hear their stories. One dog in particular “Sugar”, a pit bull mix, made me melt. She had been at the shelter for almost a full year. The shelter was actually preparing to euthanize her. I couldn’t believe such a wonderful dog was going to be put down. I couldn’t convince my dad to adopt her, since he had his heart set on a smaller dog. I couldn’t take her myself, I already own a dog, 2 cats and a fish. I knew I had to help her.

It became my mission to find her a home. Thankfully enough,our partner from Art Kitchen Octavio Pires was ecstatic to take her in and she’s been living happily with him ever since. Through Facebook I started to reach out to people who are affiliated with the Newark shelter. “I knew I had to help her.  It became my mission to find her a home.” I met an angel by the name of Estrella Rosenberg who has a organization called Friends of the Newark Animal Shelter. Estrella, along with her husband and friends, not only organize adoption events for the dogs that are most in need, but they also make weekly trips to walk the dogs, give them treats, food and toys. All to make the dogs existence at the shelter a little better. It just made senseto help. We have donation buckets at our locations twice a year. In addition to that, we hold an all day event called Woofstock every year to help raise awareness, adopt out dogs most in need, and raise money and food for the shelter.


Liberty Humane Society
Pitbull Kisses Rescue
Monmouth County Underdogs
Associated Humane Society – Newark
Pibbles & More Animal Rescue
East Orange Animal Rescue
with special thanks to Estrella Rosenberg

This year Glocally focused on the dogs, in attendance, it WOOFSTOCK, so here is a gallery of dogs, look carefully these furry fiends are expressive and in some their personalities are illustrative in the images.  Let us know what you think.

Natural Training Center
All Jersey Paws
Vintage Millie
GGC Healthy Paws
Vintage 201
Hounds Collective
Anti M’s Ghost
Urban Inspiration Co.
Urge Smokeshop
Brick City Speaks
Karen Zavala
Peekz Art
Bent Nail Studio
Come Clean Dog Soaps

This year the turn-out was huge. An attendee from last year shares what the event means to her. “A year ago the best thing happened to me… I adopted my beautiful dog. She has changed my life and I saved hers.”  In addition to the great cause, in the spirit of the theme “WOOFSTOCK,” the night is packed full of really amazing performances and music.


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