Reality comes to Newark

BY Two Headed Monster

Reality comes to Newark

The award-winning, reality web series, IN THE CIRCLE (, created by web series producer, Joseph Matthew Garrett, returns with it’s highly anticipated second season titled, “IN THE CIRCLE: THE DREAMS OF NEWARK”. The series continues it’s tradition of bringing together seven strangers with big dreams and following them as they network, work on their craft, and build relationships with each other, good or bad.

This year’s dynamic, entertaining group includes:
Latoya, a popular Newark, NJ rap artist who brings all the boys the yard.
Teesha, a local song writer who crushes on one of the other cast members.
Sarious, a singer who is obsessed with hollering at every girl that comes in his point of view.
Jimmy Dyce, a very prolific rapper who is interested in doing things his way.
Aaron, an actor/pretty boy with Southern hospitality that will charm the hell out of you.
Cenzo, a restaurant manager by day, Italian rapper by night.
& Alyssa, a very high energy lifestyle blogger who is obsessed with fashion.

It’s a new exciting city and a hot, fresh group of driven twenty-somethings. This season will have a healthy helping of comedy and drama. The show holds true to it’s opening statement, “no scripts, no re-shoots, no glamorous bulls**t”. Trust me, when reality to comes to Newark, it gets really real, real quick. So check it out, you’ll be more then happy you did. Episode 1 can be viewed HERE.

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