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Pubtastic: MMMBelo’s 400 Beers Set the Tone

BY Hcane

Pubtastic: MMMBelo’s 400 Beers Set the Tone

Sometimes you just need a place wear you can walk in wearing comfortable jeans, a sports jersey and a cap while enjoying a beer… or 400 beers for that matter…


MMMBello’s Pub
376 Market St
Newark, NJ 07105 (map it)

400+ beers at your disposal
Tasty, Different menu
Great sports environment
Awesome soccer spot

Parking is an atrocity during Happy Hour
Service can get slow when packed

Food Menu:
MMM Belos has one of the most creative and broad menus in Newark. When you look down the bar menu you’ll read cheesesteak, curry pumpkin soup, mascarpone stuffed figs, bar pies, wings, cajun chicken and shrimp scampi. It truly is a great assortment with specials that are different and fun. Comfortably my favorite places to have a bite that is not like anywhere else in town.

Food Quality:
The food is fresh, flavorful and on constant monitor for quality. They don’t get the “cheap” version of any typical menu item, which ensures your money is spent on quality not margins.I’ve always gotten hot, generously sized food that is routinely checked up on by the bartender who wants to know that it is up to your standards. I love that. Their nachos are massively loaded with light chips which go perfect with brew. They have one of the best cheesesteaks in town!   The food specials are really well made and vary from season to season. The crab cakes are a little light, still good, but I admit that one or two places I know can beat them. However the cajun sandwiches have the perfect amount of spice and flavor that gets them a pat on the back from this writer who’s a big Louisiana cuisine aficionado. Well executed indeed…. my gut agrees.

But let’s get to the *REAL* menu… the beer. Oh this is a beer heaven that doesn’t need to be known as a garden to serve what’s right. Always cold and plentiful whether it be served in drafts, bottles or cans. Get yourself one of their free beer checklists/report cards and you’ll have a chance to get your name on a plaque or even on bar stool (which you can rightfully claim later on when someone’s sitting in it). That’s right, they keep score at this joint, filing your card under your name in a magic shoebox for you to request upon your return. And if you are as OCD as me… you will return till that damn card is full!

400 bottles of beer on the wall.. 400 bottles of beer….

They have hundreds of beers in stock and on specials so you should have a great time tasting… which makes the 100 different beer requirement to get plaque-enshrined an enjoyable experience… albeit an inebriated one.. We’re talking beers from all over the world, all sorts of variants of local brands, oldies, goodies, newcomers and “what the hell is that’s”.  Come thirsty my friends… this is what man caves want to be.

You get a mix of local suits, local citizens and legions of soccer lovers in this place. Great blue-meets-white collar fun. Red Bulls fans a plenty, along with other international teams as well with never a sad face in here ( If your team wins, joy! If your team loses, you have 400 beers, joy!). MMMBellos has 2 floors, although upstairs is more spacious and has a pool table, there’s something special of that uber-pub feel downstairs with its long beer list ascribed on the wall and the backdrop argument comparing Messi to Ronaldo…

A genuine soccer pub!


The staff is fast, fun, courteous and really has that “Cheers” attitude where you can sit for hours and expect a few laughs and great demeanor. The speep does drop a bit when you go during a big game at Red Bull arena, but that’s understandable in my opinion.  This is what good ole tavern/pub service is – enjoy it, there aren’t many places like it.

Very very reasonable for beer! $4 for a draft and $5 for a craft is great, with lots of specials with the domestic lights. The food is about average for the area and should not break your bank but you do get your money’s worth in terms of flavor.

It’s the only true sports pubs in Newark that really brings something different to the Ironbound section. It definitely competes with the Irish spots along the Hudson river.

Hurricane Category: 5!

H-Cane’s final spin.

You can drink beer till you explode… and they keep track. The place gives you a chance to get your name permanently etched on the barstool.  The food is awesome. Soccer lives. Sports live. The bartender knows your name, your drink, your food and your sick obsession with comic books.  I mean really? REALLY? Grab your pals or them drinkin gals – this place is so worth the crazy parking situation. If your date is a soccer fan, you’re golden. If they aren’t, bring them during a big game and they will be. GO!

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  1. Jorge Says:

    An address and map would be nice for future reviews.


  2. Hcane Says:

    Hi Jorge! Nice catch! Always put the address… too many beers this time around I guess. 😉


  3. WL Says:

    I love MMMBelo as a commuter bar since it’s right across from Penn Station. They also give NJ Transit riders a 10% discount!


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