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Pilgrimage to Mocha: Newark’s 150 Year Old Coffee Shop

BY Hcane

Pilgrimage to Mocha: Newark’s 150 Year Old Coffee Shop

Caffeine. We love it. We need it. We’d kill for it (usually on Monday mornings). Starbucks almost monopolized it… but in Newark… we have a goldmine of it.  A small tip from a frequenter (thanks Dad) got me over here… and my thoughts?
Starbucks: eat your java out .

On With The Review!


Est. 1869: Open long enough to have served 26 Presidents of the USA, and counting…


TM Ward Coffee
944 Broad Street
Newark, NJ 07102

The Shop:

This little shop is located right by City Hall on Broad Street, about a few storefront towards the airport. You walk in and immediately, are slammed with the scent of that wonderful bean. Your eyes tried to capture this almost out of place business filled to the brim with all sorts of tea-time offerings. The quartet of women behind the booth are all Portuguese (with a name like TM Ward, whodathunkit?) and the place really does look like it’s age but in that “built to last forever” kind of way.  Speaking of lasting forever…

Inside TM Ward

This wood-laden shop with it’s bags of roasted love has been around since the 1869. That almost 150 years ago.  To give you some sort of an idea of JUST HOW LONG AGO this was:  It was only 4 years after Abraham Lincoln was shot, Henry Ford (as in Ford Motors) was 6 years old,  we were still 2 generations away from World War I … oh, and Washington (home of Seattle) didn’t become a state until 20 years later.  Yeah. Take that one to your history teacher… or local barista…

The Coffee:

The java… is superb. It’s not bitter, its not dull and it’s a plenty with the choices. The magic, however, is getting some of this goodness for home! You can walk in a grab yourself a pound of “French Roast” or Costa Rican Coffee … for about $3 less per pound than Starbucks bags and $1 less than Dunkin’. This shop has coffee from all over the world and it can be ground to your liking. For you espresso addicts, they have some mean dark blends perfect for ya. It just gives me a great sense of “these people know what they doing” more than the skater kid with the nose ring behind the counter at that green label joint.

Coffee Beans!

If you’re in the mood for a cup, just mosey on up to the small counter on the side and grab 1 of about a dozen different types of coffee, varying flavors, strengths and blends. They’ll be more than help ya if you can’t choose one. I got myself a Pumpkin Spice 20 oz-er this morning. with no bad bitterness, great spice and only $1.90. That would be a “Venti” for you visitors of planet Starbuckus… for half the price and no psychotic ordering process. The place has a consistent amount of visitors coming in and out with cups of the stuff and if you are one of these visitors… sorry for blowing your secret spot.

One can even order online and have it delivered to your house to toss into your own coffee pot.  I already bought 2 bags as of this writing…

Other Stuff  Sold Other than Coffee (yes, there is more to life): 

Holy NUTS there’s a lot going on. If you are a “healthy snack” kind of person, a baker or a squirrel – you hit the mega-millions in nut currency! Insert Forrest Gump Voice here: Nuts Roasted with salt, nuts roasted without salt, honey roasted nuts, unroasted nuts, sliced nuts, chopped nuts, shelled nuts, almonds, walnuts, Macadamia nuts, Brazil nuts, Peanuts, Hazel Nuts, nuts with chocolate, nuts with yogurt, nuts with dried fruit… you get the idea.

If the squirrels outside only knew…

$3 will get you a nice portion good for an afternoon snack for 2 days. They also have loose teas, chocolates, gummies, hard candies… you know, just in case you got bored of counting all of the nuts.

Don’t know what to get your significant other for accidentally shaving their cat? Buy a gift bag of glory, deliver and hope for the best. You can even sign up for a coffee, tea or nut of the month club.  Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a legit Mecca of Mocha in Brick City.

Beans and blends of all types, styles and geographic locations

H-Cane Rating: 5.0/5.0

H-Cane’s Final Spin:
As you wake in the morning, get up 15 minutes early and take a jog to city hall, wave at Cory and get your but in this shop. Support local business, which will be real easy with this quality place and smile. Use the caffeine to jog back in 60 seconds or less. Be a hero in the office and upgrade that Folgers crap in the cupboard. Your promotion awaits. GO!




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5 Responses to “Pilgrimage to Mocha: Newark’s 150 Year Old Coffee Shop”

  1. Tehsuan Glover Says:

    Very well done article. I’ve seen the shop a number of times in passing, but never went in. I most definitely will now. Most…definitely.


  2. Ryan N. Says:

    I was really impressed the first time I went in. It feels like you’re stepping straight into the past, and the amount of coffee and candy in there is astounding.


  3. Jorge Santos Says:

    That place is amazing. You forgot one golden product they have there that will knock any chocolate / coffee lovers socks off. Dark Chocolate covered espresso beans. Perfect for anyone cramming for a test and needs to stay up for a couple of hours (4 or 5 of will wake you right up)and, in my opinion, work better than downing a redbull. I warn you though, it’s like chocolate crack to Java lovers.


  4. Kazi Says:

    Wow! I used to pass this place all the time before I started drinking coffee. Forgot all about it. Now, I will have to make a trip downtown just to check it out.


  5. WL Says:

    Are they still selling the blend they made for Justice Samuel Alito? I remember they came up with it around the time he was nominated to the Supreme Court since he had his chambers in the Newark federal courthouse at the time.


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