People Power Rocks at Lincoln Park

BY lyanne


Lincoln Park concluded with another fantastic and safe event, for residents and visitors alike.  The great music and the pumping sounds and rhythms, sometimes overshadow other section of the festival that sometime get missed, but their place and function importance is equally worth noting.   During the three-day weekend, one such feature was the Sustainable, Health, and Wellness village.   With the support of Essex County College Communications and New Media Technology Programs, Sustain NewarkScience and Sustainability, Inc. [Newark SAS].  Its founder Tobias A. Fox has partnered up with Electrical Engineer and Solar Technician Damian Decaires, founder of GridLink Systems, to conduct an off the grid laser light show, operate a pedal bike powered juice bar, and run a solar cell phone charging station, amongst other things, for patrons to enjoy.


From Friday through Sunday, participants will be able to see firsthand wind, solar, and pedal bike technology in use.  The sustainability segment of the village, was a continue and a outgrowth from The principals of Lincoln Park Coast Costal development, in that they supported high efficient methods of development with LEED certification development, in methods of sustainability   This years sustainable theme, was “People Power: Promoting Clean, Renewable Energy”.  

When approached by promoters to be a part of the festival’s Sustainable Health and Wellness Village, Fox leaped at the opportunity.“It’s time that New Jersey’s largest city begin to be more vocal and visual in the use of clean, renewable energy and take a leading role in creating green career opportunities,” states Fox. “It is also our goal to show how humans, nature, and technology can coexist respectfully with one another.”

Participant at Lincoln park got first-hand access to powering blenders and juicing electronic through the power of cycling.  Visitors to the village also received direct benefits in that there was a cell phone and laptop charging station all run and operated by holistic available energy.  Sample of Juices and blended smoothy also were direct benefits to visiting the sustainable village.  


Near the closing of the event, with a backpack carried devises that looked like the proton pack from the ghostbuster movie gave the dancing crowd  it was taken out of the ghostbuster the group presented a exciting laser demonstrations, from the harness energy and stored in back packs.moving and changing colors with the rhythm and sounds.


Decaires states that his latest designs are a sure way to help residents become more energy independent without having to destroy the environment, and he plans to demonstrate how solar technology makes this possible.

“The festival represents all that is good within a community and the potential of how a community can succeed and thrive by working together with one goal in mind, to spread peace and love to each and every one. It’s a wonderful event and I consider myself so fortunate and blessed to be a part of the family that is the Lincoln Park Music Festival” – Yvonne Turner


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