Mon, Dec 24, 2012


Oh Christmas Tree

BY kquest

Oh Christmas Tree

T’was 7:30pm on a cold rainy December day,

Penn Station was bustling and Christmas tunes were play’n.

My ride was out front and  I hopped in my seat.

Little did my driver know, he was in a for a treat!


Tis the time for Christmas tree sleighing.


“Off to Harrison Wal-Mart we go”… I said since it’s my normal tree haunt,

Though on our way there I had a change of thought.

$24.99 waved in the air as Golden Farm Markets Tree banner flared,

Raymond Street  was the new stop with pricing I could bare.

Golden Farm Market Thanks to Google Maps (540x276)


since they were already packed away and out of sight.

If said any stronger, I may have given the workers a bit of a freight.

“I want the biggest, tallest one, if they are all the same price.”

they said ask the boss man because the trees were put away tight.


So, I plead with the grim boss man who sits above eveyones head,

“Please Sir, Please make this girls night”

Then as his grim face turned to a smirk and joy filled his eyes,

He directed someone to help me and make things right.


A friendly accommodating man lead me to the back,

Where stood a bin full of green fresh pine trees in a stack.

He kindly shuffled around to get the tree I wanted,

Then I ran through the market grabbing fresh produce as closing time daunted.


$53.10 later the feeling of joy and Christmas spirit could not be greater.

At 8:15pm we walked out with a Norway Spruce, Fresh pine wreath, and Produce.

 Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce in the wild…. My tree was most likely not in an open field like this.

When we got home and opened the tree up… it was filled with a bunch of stuff,

Like webs vines, branches, and leaves.

At first, I was scared, but then vacuumed it out and considered…

I still got the biggest tallest tree in Newark for a good figure.

Now that it’s decorated it looks a bit prettier.

Decorated Christmas tree

My creative Christmas Tree.

 Last week I drove by the market and what did I see….

A new banner waving $19.99 for a fresh Christmas tree.

So go to Golden Farm Market between the hours of  8 and 8 to grab your own Christmas tree if it suites your faith!!

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  1. Donny Says:

    Nice tree! Good that you made the purchase within the city too.

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Linda Says:

    Fun post.


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