NJIT University host second annual TechQuest and Innovation Day (TODAY) April 11th

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NJIT Innovation day

The deep range of innovative talent and entrepreneurial skills possessed by NJIT students across programs and disciplines will be on display today (Friday, April 11)  at the university’s second annual TechQuest and Innovation Day to take place on the Campus Center Atrium.

Inventions that improve lives, novel business ideas, thrill-packed computer games, and fundamental scientific research will all be showcased as part of Innovation Day. Projects range from a sensor device to help the visually impaired navigate, to an in-home sleep study device, to methods for producing hydrogen using solar power, to a self-checkout shopping cart, to chocolate-filled campfire marshmallows. Prizes will be awarded following judging in industry-sponsored contests such as the TechQuest undergraduate invention competition and the S&P Capital IQ Big Data Visualization Challenge.

“The ingenuity and the entrepreneurial drive of our students, as well as the extraordinary range of their talents, are truly impressive,” says Judith Sheft, NJIT’s associate vice president of technology development. “It is wonderful to have a showcase that allows us to see the breadth of achievement on campus. Innovation Day is quickly becoming a signature event for NJIT.”

More than 40 students will present their research, inventions, business concepts, and creative works from the following programs, among others:

NJIT Innovation Day1

The Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaurete Achievement Program, which assists students to receive awards for their research presentations and enrollment in graduate programs.

The Undergraduate Research and Innovation program, which enables students to become researchers and to select projects that will address societal problems, enhance our quality of life, and contend with global challenges.

The Student Innovation Acceleration Club, which gives students the forum to develop business concepts utilizing a lean start-up methodology.

Numerous hackathons, game development weekends, and industry-sponsored business plan and poster pitch competitions, including the TechQuest undergraduate invention competition and the new Big Data Visualization Challenge.

The TechQuest competition has been sponsored by Dr. James Stevenson and the new Big Data Visualization Challenge has been sponsored by S&P Capital IQ, a business unit of McGraw Hill Financial, Inc.

Lou Eccleston, the president of S&P Capital IQ, will speak that day about the critical partnership between business and technology.Innovation Day will include a mid-day ceremony celebrating the profusion of inspired ideas and inventions coming out of university programs ranging from the Interdisciplinary Design Studio, to the Newark Innovation Acceleration Challenge, to the Global Game Jam competition, to the undergraduate Biophysics Program.


Schedule of Events:

9:20 – 9:30 a.m.
Welcome and Introductions

9:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Poster Presentations and Big Data Judging

11:45 a.m.
Lou Eccleston, President, S&P Capital, a business unit of McGraw Hill Financial, Inc.

12:30 p.m.
TechQuest and Big Data Visualization Awards


Light refreshments will be served.


NJIT Innovation Day3

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