NJIT Does the Harlem Shake

BY Melissa Bee

We’ve all seen, by now, so many Harlem Shake videos that we’re having nightmares about it. Local university students have jumped on the bandwagon and made some NJIT versions of it. Check them out below and let us know which ones you like.


Version One

This one, which lists credits, is filmed in a classroom. Uploaded by oxoxhellogoodbyexoxo, it is the nicest looking NJIT version out there, and has some added flair that makes it a bit unlike other Harlem Shake videos. This one even has credits and is directed by Kristi Geevarghese.


Version Two

Uploaded by user Alex Dominguez, it appears to be filmed on the fourth floor lounge in the Campus Center.


Version Three

The third NJIT version, uploaded by user onetwothreefour pi, is listed as the GDS Version and is filmed in the Gourmet Dining Services cafeteria.


Which one do you think is best?

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  1. David Sedaris Says:

    Don’t forget the New Jersey Medical School one! NJDS also did one.


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