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As most of us know, social media opens doors way passed a storefront. There are a few Newark businesses/personalities that are making their impact internationally by the click of a mouse. Here are my top ten picks for social media powerhouses in Newark. (In no particular order, except for the first one!)

1) CORY BOOKER If I didn’t list him as number one, the Cory Booker Twitter account would have had a seizure and imploded the world wide web. On a serious note this man, our mayor and #superhero has made a international impact via social media. He is indeed a “source” to be reckoned with.

Facebook: 66,282 Likes
Twitter: 1,137,865 Followers


Check Cory Booker out on his different networks:

2) The Newark Museum 
The Newark Museum boldly re-branded around the time of it’s 100th year anniversary. With the re branding came the beginning new media at the museum. In the last several years they have created a network of extremely powerful social media platforms that educate it’s viewers on the arts, the museum’s programming and it’s relationship with the community.

The Museum’s website actually has a social media page that serves as a portal, linking their fans to their various networks. Click HERE to check it out!

Facebook: 5,338 Likes
Twitter: 5,532 Followers



3) The Prudential Center The Prudential Center a.k.a “The Rock” draws in fans from all over, as a venue and home to (as Devil’s Advocate refers to it) Jersey’s Team! Also-  The Rock is a stop for many concert tours, attracting a diverse and exciting audience.  I found that their content is normally consistent and friendly, encouraging TOWN SPIRIT!

Facebook: 24,627 Likes
Twitter: 6,549 Followers



4. Andros Diner They are doing one big social media no-no… using Facebook as person. I’m not mad at all though… what I am mad about is the fact that I have gained 20 lbs due to their amazing photo steam of food!!! They have 3,211 “Friends” on Facebook and just 254 Followers on Twitter.

Check this out:


Hey Cory!

5. Hell’s Kitchen Lounge This restaurant/lounge/venue is on FIRE  when it comes to social media. They have a super active Facebook Page and FB  groups for weekly programming. Pumping Twitter. Content Galore. They are also one of the last standing Myspace supporters and have a healthy presence on Foursquare and Yelp.

Facebook: 5, 567 Likes
Twitter: 414 followers

Oh Myspace!


6. NJPAC  It is a lovely (and I mean that) experience perusing through all of their colorful and active social media platforms. Each platform is very clean and includes vibrant, unique content. Dancers! Music! Plays!  My favorite component is their  NJPAC YouTube CHANNEL with tons of excellent videos.

Facebook: 9,058 Likes
Twitter: 3, 413 Followers


7. City Without Walls Gallery This local non-profit gallery has been around for 3 DECADES and fills our news feeds with images of  current exhibitions, local artist’s profiles and artist opportunities.

Facebook: 2, 588 Likes
Twitter: 1,114 Followers

8. Two Headed Monster  If you didn’t see their debut Glocally post click HERE. All I have to says is “#Eyebrows!” These two “Glambassadors”are fun, energetic and bringing the Brick City love to all sorts of networks.

Facebook: 515 Likes
Twitter: 135 Followers

9. Newark Bears
ahhh… “Professional Baseball with a rich and time honored tradition since 1917!” Even their social media smells of hot dogs and beer! They have utilized several different Facebook pages that supports the team and it’s many components.

Facebook: 1, 986 Likes
Twitter: 1, 232 Followers


10. Rutgers University – Newark.
Viral Academia; an active flow of content that educates the community on happenings around the Rutgers-Newark University campus.  It clearly translates the voice of  R-N students and educators.

Facebook: 2,615 Likes
Twitter: 1,631 Followers


Cory! What are you doing here!


Know of a NEWARK SOCIAL MEDIA MONSTER that was not mentioned????  Comment Below. Miss Media will be the judge!

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