Newark Students Turn Would-Be Trash Into a Masterpiece

BY InAWordFab

Bottle Cap Van Gogh

Students at South Street Elementary have officially turned collecting trash into an art form! After collecting over 5,000 bottle caps in our area with the help of parents, local store owners and individuals, the students successfully arranged the caps into a conservationist’s dream: an 8 by 12-foot rendition of Vincent van Gogh’s masterpiece, Starry Night. The work, which is currently being exhibited at the Newark Museum, was the idea of South Street teachers who wished to encourage their students to become responsible citizens.

“This work represents the success that can be achieved when the people in a community come together to help support their schools,” said Tatiana Benus, one of the teachers who spearheaded the project.


The work was finally completed in June 2012, after a process that started with younger students sorting the bottle caps by color and size.  Students then assisted in painting three large sheets of plywood, which an image of Starry Night was projected onto.  The students then blocked out the areas that needed to be filled with color and attached the bottle caps using a drill and screws donated by a local Home Depot.  Quite an accomplishment!

Make sure you visit the Newark Museum and see the work in person. It will be on view until June 23, 2013.


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  1. andrea arguello Says:

    Recycle and Make Art!!!!
    Thank you to all students, parents, teachers and community who made this project possible, it was a pleasure!


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