Thu, Jun 12, 2014

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Newark Entrepreneurs “Converge” on Pop-Up Co-Working Every Thursday until October

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Calling all entrepreneurs that need workspace  “Converged” to Newark.  Converge, a new ‘pop-up’ co-working space geared towards entrepreneurs in the tech sector, at 210 Market Street.  The kick-off event was attended by some 80 people, including many of Newark tech’s movers and shakers. Several Venture Capitalists  were on hand to see what all the excitement was about. The Converge, space located in Seed Gallery in Newark’s downtown core,  is a home for Newark’s emerging tech scene.   Seed Gallery is a production company, art gallery and design studio devoted to offering an innovative approach to presenting projects, events and exhibitions.Converge, organized by Brick City Development Corporation (BCDC) in partnership with local tech meet-up groups, and funded by a grant from Capital One.

Converge provides a regular space and time for over 30 individuals and teams of entrepreneurs in Newark’s growing tech community to hold their many events, work for free, learn, share, and network. With free wifi and coffee, what could be better!


Converge will be open every Thursday until October from 9am to 10pm and equipped with tables, chairs, free wireless internet, and free coffee. It will provide a regular space and time for individuals and teams of entrepreneurs in Newark’s growing tech community to work, learn, share, collaborate, network and hold events. BCDC believes that by bringing programming together from BCDC, Brick City Tech, Lean Start-Up Machine, Scarlet Start-Ups, and Code for Newark together in one physical space this summer, it will be easier for budding entrepreneurs in tech to obtain the information necessary to start or take their business to the next level. By networking with each other and putting heads together, this environment will allow for more growth and the formation of innovative businesses to cultivate Newark’s economy.


Economic growth is the key goal of BCDC, particularly the creation of an inclusive 21st century economy in Newark. “We feel confident that a space which allows creative, innovative minds in the technology sector to come together to work and learn is an important step towards this goal,” stated BCDC Chief Financial Officer Victor Emenuga. “We look forward to facilitating programming this summer that will provide valuable information to tech entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs other fields who hope to leverage technology for their growth.”


In his comments at the launch, Deputy Mayor Daniel Jennings noted, “This space will provide much-needed information and collaboration that will help tech-entrepreneurs thrive in Newark. It will also contribute to the ever increasing vibrancy of our downtown.  By bringing together VCs, BrickCity Tech Meetup, Scarlet Startups and Code for Newark, we are making it easier for budding startups to put their heads together and grow and form the innovative businesses that will grow Newark’s economy.” Cities, he said, thrive when they collaborate well.  “We are also excited about your commitment to inclusion … Many of you have expressed a commitment to exposing Newark residents to 21st-century technology.”


“We are excited to support Converge and Newark-area entrepreneurs,” said Theresa Bedeau, Director of Community Development, Capital One Bank. “At Capital One Bank, we are committed to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses of every size grow and thrive because when they do well, local and national economies do well and therefore, our communities are strengthened.”  Educational programming and events will be scheduled throughout the summer and a calendar can be viewed at

Last Thursday, the organizer Converge hold events. A Code for Newark  teaching programming classes at the space.

As Code for Newark organizer and Newark senior technology adviser Seth Wainer said, Converge will be a place to “do tech” and learn tech, to get your hands dirty. “We will run classes, and we will do it all summer in this spot,” he said.

An upcoming event at the space, entitled “Perfecting Your Investor Deck and Pitch,” will feature a free three-hour workshop with Yao-Hui Huang, managing director of The Hatchery (New York), an incubator founded on the principle that all tech companies have the right to access business experts and leading-edge information.  There are no reported seminars for this Thursday’s Coverge.  however,

On June 19, Leo Royzengurt and Josh Currie representatives from the web development Hipsters and Hamptonites, a New York web development shop, will be providing free mentorship and website advice to coworkers at the space.

This is perfect for you if:

– You have a website for your business, but want to know how to improve it

– Need to know what languages you should build your dream app in

– Need some advice on learning how to code

– Want some advice on your startup idea

– Anything web development related.

On June 26,  event, entitled “Perfecting Your Investor Deck and Pitch” will feature a free 3-hour workshop with Managing Director Yao Hui-Huang of the Hatchery, incubator in New York City founded on the fundamental principle that all technology companies have the right to access business experts and leading-edge information.  Yao-Hui Huang is a highly entrepreneurial executive who works with businesses and startups in many industries with a focus on technology, helping them to grow their organizations in a market-smart and cost-effective way. Yao has started and run several companies in the technology, digital media, and venture space.  She is a Founder and Managing Director of The Hatchery, a venture collaboration organization with international reach bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and investors through resources, advisory, funding and building communities. She has had multiple successes as an entrepreneur and supports other companies in advisory and C level management roles. With greater and greater needs and access by entrepreneurs, The Hatchery was found.

July’s training sessions are under development, asnd should be posted shortly, foir future scheduling training go to, this weekly co-working spacer will be available until October.

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