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Newark 2013 State Of The City Address

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Newark 2013 State Of The City Address

This past Tuesday, Mayor Cory Booker presented the seventh State Of The City Address at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. There were plenty of facts and figures, percentages and statistics flying around.   Hobnobbers and delegates, city officials and public servants abounded. It felt like I was on the set of that Kelsey Grammar show Boss (I mean that in a good way).

State of the City 2013 06

Mayor Cory Booker Addressing The City

The Mayor spoke about many of the improvements that had been made over the course of his administration including the not-so-sexy internal overhaul of a number of government departments.  Say what you will about “facts & figures” we can all agree that there are monumental changes that have happened here in the past few years and there are more on the way.

State of the City 2013 03

Newark youth saying the Pledge of Allegiance

Yes, we all know about the Marriott downtown on Broad Street – which is actually the first new hotel development in Newark in the past 40 years.  And some of us know that the Hotel Indigo is currently being developed on the corner of Edison and Broad St.  There is also the new developments that Prudential is making further up Broad Street as well as the work being done on McCarter Highway for the new Panasonic North American HQ.

State of the City 2013 02

The color display from Newark’s Finest

The Mayor also annouced a new headquarter facility coming for Biotrial, a French pharmaceutical company and a new building to be built by Fidelco for Cablevision.

In the words of Mayor Cory Booker, the state of Newark NJ is strong and roaring forward!


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