Sun, Nov 18, 2012

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Mr. Saturday | Toys “R” Us Kid

BY Mr. Saturday

Mr. Saturday | Toys “R” Us Kid

We have become a society that fuels its need for holidays by skipping ahead whenever applicable.  Halloween pumpkins begin to show up on doorsteps in September, while overlapping turkey décor bids for your attention in October.  November, for retailers becomes a time for overlooking turkeys altogether, and Pre-Black Friday sales come days after elections.  As such, Christmas is almost upon us, according to my calculations herein referenced above, and we must delve into the shopping bazaar that is the 36 days of Christmas.


Predisposed to ignore sales pitched tropes about how “giving is better than receiving,” the holidays seem vaguely reminiscent of what they were supposed to be all about.  The gluttonous have commingled their resolve with the avarice, and there truly is no holiday spirit beyond “what did you get me” for the majority of us.  With that being said, let us all look beyond the gloom and welcome Jeffrey The Giraffe to Newark!


Toys“R”Us Express is now open in Newark, after being temporarily deprived of a more notable opening due to Hurricane Sandy.  The Express locale stocks most items regularly found at the franchise’s larger retailers, but showcases the intimacy of a local toyshop.


I am strolling the aisles with my arms trying to juggle unpunched (kind of a big thing in the collecting community) mint carded vintage collection Star Wars 3 ¾ inch figures, the Return of Marvel Legends figures, lego series 8 minifigures, and the like all on this impressive lot on 287 Ferry Street.  I have the “this isn’t for me speech down for the sales attendant,” but my broad smile quells any such front.


Newark has seen a slue of new franchised businesses making their way into the Brick, and it is a sign of the economic growth models that are inevitability taking charge.  We are eating good in the neighborhood, saving more while doing more, and now the whole city never has to grow up.

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