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Mr. Saturday | The Pirates Rock

BY Mr. Saturday

Mr. Saturday | The Pirates Rock

Professional basketball in New Jersey, if you call what the Nets put on the floor the last couple seasons in Newark professional basketball, has for the foreseeable future vacated the premises.  That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy basketball in Newark.  As an alumnus of Rutgers College, it would seem extraordinarily blasphemous to support anything from Seton Hall; however, that is what I have done.  I am a confessed ballaholic, and quite sadly a savant of the sport.


In Piscataway, the RAC (Rutgers Athletic Center) is notoriously known as one of the most raucous crowds in the Big East.  The risers seemingly shoot straight into the sky, making for an imposing acoustic.  I am a true Scarlet Knight, attending both Rutgers College and Rutgers Law School here in Newark, but I can’t always make my way down the Turnpike.  The Pirates are an entertaining alternative, playing in one of the most beautiful basketball arenas in all of sport.  The casual vibe that is a Seton Hall game is a stout contrast to the RAC, but one that allows the game to be enjoyed by both basketball junkies and newbies.  The off-campus dynamic also makes for a more family friendly environment, as opposed to the RAC that caters more to alums and its student body.


In a Big East Conference with a looming expiring shelf life, the Pirates field a decent starting five starring standout junior shooting guard Fuquan Edwin.  They run a modified motion offense, and play a trapping defense that leads to turnovers and easy dunks.  It is an entertaining brand of basketball that anyone could enjoy.


Did I mention tickets are incredibly affordable?  I have attached a picture of my first row seat ticket below.


Front Row Under $10.00

Front Row Under $10.00

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2 Responses to “Mr. Saturday | The Pirates Rock”

  1. Donny Says:

    I will be there with coworkers on December 28.
    Fellas night out on the town!


  2. Alan Says:

    I didn’t go to SHU either, but enjoy going to the games at the Rock. It’s good basketball in the Big East (for now!) and the games are fun. Plus now playing in Newark, theres more to do in terms of food and bars. Plus I always like pulling for the home Jersey teams!


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