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Mr. Saturday | Monday Night RAW

BY Mr. Saturday

Mr. Saturday | Monday Night RAW

It wasn’t the WWE’s Attitude Era, when it was still known as the WWF, but it still delivered.  Monday Night Raw, the longest-running weekly television show in U.S. history, rocked the Prudential Center this past Monday night in front of a raucous Jersey crowd.


Wrestling is the men’s equivalent to the female soap opera, sprinkled with a little NASCAR and a lot of ridiculousness.  With a cameo by the mastermind behind it all, Vince McMahon, this Raw was chock full of content for all the Jersey wrestling faithful.  Chants of Rick Flair’s “Woo,” Ryback’s “Feed Me More,” Daniel Bryan’s retort “Yes,” and Stone Cold’s inquisitorial “What” could be heard throughout the night.  Fans, young and old, for the most part are were hard to gauge whether they believed the wrestling was real or fake.


Signs are a right of passage to wrestling events, and everyone must create and bring their own.  I brought a dry eraser board so that I could produce endless inspirational nods to the various heroes and villains.


Match highlights included Jersey’s own AJ Lee vs. Vicky Guerrero, John Cena vs. World Heavyweight Champion Big Show, and Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler.  Others not in action, such as WWE Champion CM Punk, took shots at the New Jersey Devils and the Jersey crowd in typical antagonist fashion.


The night capped off with five superstars delivering their finishing moves on heel of the evening Dolph Ziggler.  This portion of the show was not aired, and was a real treat for all the fans that came out for the event.


With Wrestlemania XXIX being held at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, April 7, 2013, this past Monday at the Rock was a great preview of things to come.

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