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Mr. Saturday | Christie Riverfront Condominiums

BY Mr. Saturday

Mr. Saturday | Christie Riverfront Condominiums

Our meet is scheduled for 9:00AM, but in the Ironbound a little leeway is always given to men about to match wits.  Today Jack and I are to meet with John Airoso, a successful developer who has aided in shaping the Ironbound with his various projects.  His current office is on Jabez Street, in a multi-leveled build out for various commercial businesses.  There is an indoor parking lot for the professional offices, and several outdoor parking spaces for visitors of the vendors besides the main building, including a coffee shop.  On the opposite side of the street you’ll find a daycare.  I am standing in near zero weather without gloves barely grasping my iPad when Jack arrives.  I thank him for his promptness, all things considering the aforementioned, and we head in.


I am pleasantly surprised by the main building’s layout, as we make our way towards the second floor.  The wood slated paneling on the walls and glossed finished floor work well, while the crown molding above each office’s doors gives the space a dash of traditional meets modern zest.  We arrive at Mr. Airoso’s office, and take our seats.  His office is furnished with blueprints, sketches, a black leather couch, three individual desk and filing cabinets lining the back wall.  I briefly complimented the man behind this design and build out, as I was in the raw space just three years earlier contemplating a move from my offices on McWhorter Street.


After some more pleasantries, we delved into the Ironbound as a whole.  We talked the community in general, the wantonness from a new brand of real estate consumer to the area and the Riverfront Park project.  Mr. Airoso’s latest project is the Christie Riverfront Condominiums, with the site off of Freeman Street and Raymond Boulevard.* The project features include:


-12 foot arched ceiling with granite lobby

-Hardwood floors

-Ceramic Tile and Granite Countertops

-Video Intercom Systems

-Indoor Secure Parking

-GE Washer and Dryers

-High Efficiency NJ Energy Star Certified


The Riverfront Park is a huge undertaking from the City of Newark that will enrich this whole area, and the Christie Riverfront Condos are ideally located for taking it all in.  You can walk the new park, and make your way to Red Bull Stadium for a summer match or make your way to one of many fine dining experiences Ferry Street offers.  There are talks of expanding the project as a whole, but nothing is concrete as of yet.


I thanked Mr. Airoso, and we headed out to brave the cold for some coffee.  We talked about Newark in general, the Greek Honors project, Springfield Market Place, Shaq’s proposed project, the new Prudential buildings and several other contributions that will inevitably change the image of this city forever.  Thereafter, we said our goodbyes, albeit only temporarily.


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Front Unit Layout

Front Unit Layout





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4 Responses to “Mr. Saturday | Christie Riverfront Condominiums”

  1. Tara Says:

    Why would they build nice condos across the street from low incoming housing? The city should spend more money on replacing the retired cops so crime could go back down since its so bad around here. Who wants to move to a city where crime is on the rise? I’ve lived in Newark my whole life right near there and I’m currently in the Ironbound now near jabez st. I teach in Newark also but as much as I live Newark, I want out because it’s getting too bad. I have a3 year old and I don’t feel safe. Fix the city before building more.


  2. Mr. Saturday Says:

    @ Tara:

    I believe that a community cannot change without its citizenry obtaining home ownership, and subsequently claiming a stake in the city at large. Home ownership is central to any move towards a better city. As per city spending, that is a wholly separate issue that doesn’t involve private development for the betterment of our communities.


  3. Rain Says:

    Are you for real,have you been down there lately ? Did you see the white fence all kicked in and Grafittied up. Walk in the new park are you kidding me the projects are right there and the first time my friend went to the new park they stole a kids bicycle from him.
    Raymond Blvd . The buildings are covered in Graffiti the whole stretch of Raymond Blvd. So what is this a sign of ? Looks like serious tagging to me .
    They started to redo Hayes park over and never finished! I lived her all my life and it’s time to go . I am a home owner and our taxes have gone up and up and for what ? I grew up here and it is getting bad . A neighbor of mine was attacked by a man with a knife ,luckily he was able to run up his porch and get away from him . The police were called and they came 5 hrs later ! we need police not condos .Let’s get real here !


  4. rjampol Says:

    These are issues that all urban cities battle. It’s not just Newark. You can get held up anywhere. Newark is a work in progress and has come a long way in the last decade. There are people that are coming into this city and spending $$$ that would never have stepped foot in the area prior to some of the developments in the last 3 years. Key word being “developments.” While we do need continued support from police and others, I think it’s important to understand that the city has come a long way – and is a work in progress. We should still continue to take precautions and understand not only where we are now, but where we have come from. I think some of the above commentary is a bit harsh.


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