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Movement in the Park

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Movement in the Park

At W@W, a.k.a Wednesday at Washington Park, you will find  Newark’s after work Yoga Movement, that is alive, revived, and growing larger. Last summer Washington Park Conservancy began to offer Yoga as apart of it’s Wednesday programming. It started with one or two people, others began to return with friends the following weeks. The movement continued in the fall  and moved indoors to the lobby of One Washington Street. People of all ages, backgrounds and level of yoga skills began to come together and the Newark Yoga  Movement was born.

For those unfamiliar with yoga, the word yoga means to “yoke” or “unite.” Yoga is “a mind-body exercise that combines stretching and controlled breathing to achieve relaxation and a stable mood.”

This past Wednesday, The Newark Yoga Movement, ran and operated by Debbie Kaminsky, reached nearly a rainbow of 60 folks out in Washington Park. Drivers and pedestrians walking by watched with curiosity at the poses and stretch- strengthen techniques that were being demonstrated by the instructor. One of the participants expressed what they thought about the weekly event. “What makes this class so great  is the openness of varied levels all practicing together. There is an unspoken philosophy if you can not do something, then don’t do it. Nothing is forced, so there nothing to be afraid of.”

Yoga at Washington Park  fits the holistic approach to wellness that the park is trying to achieve with it varied offerings from the healthy eating farmer’s market and  the corporate 5k run in the fall to healthy cooking demonstrations. At Washington Park, programming is about the people, the whole person. All are welcomed to come down to the park after work. Class begins at 5:45. The event is free and while supplies last, a yoga mat might just have your name on it. At the greetings and closing, Debbie welcomes everyone with the saying “Namaste”, which means, the light in me see the light within you. The movement continues this Wednesday, and afterward, enjoy a Yogatini, (yes, it is a real drink) at Martini 494 Bistro, on Broad St across the street from Washington Park.

Yoga demonstrations by the Newark Yoga Movement are also held on Monday, at Riverbank park, in the Ironbound.


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  1. GSD Says:

    Can’t beat outdoor, free yoga. Keep up the good work everyone.


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