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Modsaica: Adding Color to the Ironbound

BY Chelo Briosi

Modsaica: Adding Color to the Ironbound

 “Not knowing how or why I simply became surrounded by great artists, which awoke a silent passion in me.”

Maude Lemaire moved to Newark more than a decade ago, hailing originally from Montreal, Canada. Moving into the Ironbound portion of Newark, she found herself inspired by the constant fusion of nightlife and art. At that point Lemaire was dabbling in mosaic art, and the environment began to fuel her vision, birthing Modsaica.

“My friend opened up a restaurant/lounge [Hell’s Kitchen Lounge] and gave me the bar as a blank canvas to do something creative.” And she did it, not only the bar, but pretty much the entire establishment.  Living in HKL is a large body of work that align with the HKL theme and spirit, exhibiting icons such as the NJ Devils’ logo, Marilyn Monroe, and candy skulls. (150 Lafayette St.)


After a few years of working as a mosaic artist,  her friend Ruben Dominguez, owner of Catas Restaurant in the Ironbound, gave her the opportunity to decorate the bar, restrooms, and a 35 foot bench for the new place with her original mosaics. She took inspiration from the architect and mosaic artist Antoni Gaudi. The final result was nothing short of amazing.  It was Lemaire’s work that gave this now popular restaurant a one-of-a-kind, distinctive look. (538 Market St.)



Some of her most recent works include a large mosaic of Bob Marley, which was intended to be for herself, but now lives in the Green Room in Harrison, NJ. (203 Frank E Rodgers Blvd. Harrison, NJ)


Lemaire also  just completed a large scale piece at the entrance of  Harmony Square Condominiums on Broad Street and 3rd Avenue in Newark. Since every floor of the building is named after a different genre of music (salsa, jazz, blues, etc.), her theme was jazz. She decided to go for a classic; the legendary Miles Davis.


Artist Maude Lemaire is available for commissions. For more information on the artist take a look at her website:

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  1. Frederick Cooke Says:

    Cant forget the amazing reception desk she completed at the offices of the Victoria Foundation!!

    Thanks Maude!



  2. elle fuentes Says:

    Maude is such an inspiring person & a great artist! Proud to have her in my circle of inspiration!


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