Tue, Jan 8, 2013

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Missed You Fans!

BY Devil's Advocate

Missed You Fans!

It’s about time.

Early Sunday morning the NHL and the NHL Player’s Association agreed to terms of a new ten year collective bargaining agreement. The work stoppage has ended and despite all of the damage generated by this nauseating process, it’s time to take New Jersey Devils General Manager Lou Lamoriello’s advice: focus on the game itself. At long last, it’s time for hockey.

In less than two weeks, Newark will return to the task of entertaining anxious fans of the New Jersey Devils. Those magical nights of last summer will return and all of the work associated with game day will be brought back to life! Everyone associated with the NHL will find their familiar role and the emptiness will be superseded by the energy, competitive spirit, and prosperity that Newark deserves.

The clan can begin to assemble. Anton Volchenkov and Ilya Kovalchuk will return from Russia and several will rejoin from Albany, although Adam Henrique will be out with a thumb injury. Scott Stevens can finally get involved in the coaching role. There will be a brief training camp and then the shortened 48 or 50 game regular season will immediately begin. This situation will bring a playoff atmosphere since there are less opportunities to make up lost points.┬áRumor has it that Jersey’s Team might start on the 19th in Winnipeg.

There is more good news. Jeff Vanderbeek has bought out the entire team and has refinanced. The New Jersey Devils are safe from more ridiculous talk of moving or bankruptcy. Now is a great time to be thankful for the first-class owner that we have in Jeff Vanderbeek. Not all sports team owners are as interested in the championship success of the team and the future of their club. His philosophy is first learn, then earn, then return, and he is in the third phase. Having a certain type of pedigree from top to bottom in an organization makes certain things possible every season.

In 1995, the Devils were the only playoff team to end their season with a win.

In 1995 there was also a lockout that lasted until January, and that year the Devils were the only playoff team to end their season with a win!

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5 Responses to “Missed You Fans!”

  1. devilboy Says:

    Thank the lord!! Although I read today Ilya Kovalchuk said he wants to stay in Russia for the rest of the season, lets hope thats false.


  2. not quite sure Says:

    Sadly the only person providing us with Kovy info is the every trustworthy Russian media….no bias there.


  3. Alan Says:

    If Kovy stays in russia, his contract with the Devils is voided. Thats a lot of money to give up! I know the KHL will pay him a lot of money as well, but NHL wont allow this. Plus if he does stay, they could make him ineligible for the 2014 Olympics, which he wants to play in. However, even if he plays in NJ, is his head and heart gonna be in it?? It better!


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