Fri, Aug 23, 2013

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Jersey and the AfroPunks

BY Stacey Rose

The AfroPunk Festival, now in its 8th year, has become the go to festival for edgy alternative music with soul and all the vibrant, art, culture, food, and fantastic that goes with it. Past head liners have included: Erykah Badu, Mos Def, and Janelle Monae. This years headliners  are no less amazing consisting of punk rock legends Fish Bone, the heartbeat of  The Roots – ?uestlove, Wicked Wisdom a heavy metal band fronted by none other than Jada Pinkett Smith and Death whose musical career is directly reflective of the subversive history between black rock musicians and the music they originated. If headliners are initial draws of AfroPunk, musical innovation and diversity is the magnetic force that holds the crowd and keeps them rockin’.

Three Jersey acts will be apart of that force this weekend:

Sunny Gang

Sunny Gang: (L-R) Marshal, Joe, Nate, Chris

Photo courtesy

Hailing from all over Jersey and based in Newark, Sunny Gang  will bring their eclectic “Punk Band with a Rapper” sound to this year’s festival. Sunny Gang takes pride in their amped up sound that content wise doesn’t take itself to seriously, but what they do seriously do is kill it! Be on the look out next week for our interview with the Gang. In the meantime get your arse to BK this weekend and check ’em out!

Set time: 8/25 – 1:15-1:45 Green Stage


Cherise Gary a.k.a Uniiqu3

photo courtesy

This Jersey Girl is a beast. Uniiqu3 is a Dee Jay, Producer, and Vocalist who has created quite a buzz on the underground club scene.  Her musical influences are vast (Club, Hip-Hop, Reggae and Vogue/Ballroom to name a few), her mixes incredibly complex and an extremely dope reflection of those influences. Wanna be the judge? Here’s a sample ;).

Set times: 8/24 – Bits&Beats Stage 12p-2p, 8/25 – Green Stage 12p-1:15p


DJ MikeQ

photo courtesy

Mike Cox, alias DJ MikeQ, was born and raised in Jersey. He has taken house music that was the soundtrack of his teenage years, fired it with the attitude of the vogue/ballroom scene and created a sound that keeps him in demand globally. Thinking about checking out MikeQ’s set this weekend? Come prepared to weerrrk!

set times:  8/24 – AfroPunk After Party 10p-12a, 8/25: 1:15-4:15 Red Stage


August 24-25, 12-9pm

Commodore Barry Park

Brooklyn, NY


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