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(IM)POSSIBILITIES Become Possible at Solo(s)

BY Melissa Bee

(IM)POSSIBILITIES Become Possible at Solo(s)

On Saturday, March 16, at Solo(s) Project House gallery and studio residence, the beautiful exhibit (IM)POSSIBILITIES had its opening reception. It is the culmination of over four months of work between seven Solo(s) residents and 14 students from P.G. Chambers School, a school for children with disabilities. This was the pilot for professional art making programs of its kind.

Students and mentors worked together to create the amazing pieces that were on display that Saturday and until April 6. The workshops were hands-on and the intent was to “make.” The middle school students were introduced to their mentor and their art first.


“This program asks students with varied skills and challenges to step outside their comfort zones and “Make.” It is a program that reaches, asking the student to follow the lead of the artist, color outside the lines, and figuratively hold the hand of a professional.”

Dozens of people attended the reception, including artists, both mentors and students. There was a pop-up shop in the back featuring works by Daniel Patrick Helmstetter and Hannah Craft, two of the artists participating in the event. There were also works by Jerry Gant, known as Gantalism.

impossibilities3 impossibilities4

Also present at the reception were documentary film makers Pierre Coleman and Dubois Ashong, They are also residents at SPH and are working on a short film to be released at the end of the program. You can view a preview of the film below:

Once the exhibition leaves SPH, it will travel to P.G. Chambers School where it will be up from April 16 – May 16 of this year.

impossibilities5 impossibilities6

Solo(s) Project House is a gallery and studio residence that houses more than 20 artists and generally exhibits art from one artist at a time. It is located at 972 Broad Street and is open to the public Wednesday – Friday from 10 am to 6 pm. The next exhibit to appear at Solo(s) will be the works of LNY.

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