Mon, Aug 6, 2012

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I Get My Yoga At The Newark Y

BY SamKa

I Get My Yoga At The Newark Y

It’s no secret that I love the Newark YMCA. Even the most basic membership gets you access to unlimited classes, a pool, workout equipment, and two Newark locations.

What do I love most about the Newark Y? Yoga! There, two fabulous instructors teach beginners to advanced yogis-in-training the importance of breathing, stretching, core strength, and most importantly,  knowing your limits.

The best lesson I’ve learned through my yoga practice is that in Yoga, there is no wasted effort. What I may not be able to do today, can be accomplished someday through practice, dedication, and a little hard work. That translates off of  the yoga mat and into my daily life.

A typical class runs one hour. We begin by setting our intention for the day and end with a restful period of being very still. I recommend it to anyone who looking to add peace and strength to their life.

The Newark YMCA caters to the community by providing affordable fitness. Membership fees can be adjusted according to income, and financial assistance is available to those who qualify. Simply fill out a form and provide proof of income.


For more information visit:

Newark YMCA
600 Broad Street
Newark, NJ

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