Wed, Apr 25, 2012

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Houston, We Have a Problem!

BY Two Headed Monster

Houston, We Have a Problem!

Houston, We Have a Problem!

In traditional Bobby and Whitney fashion, even in death, the shenanigans continue. When the city of Newark lost its very own prodigal child, Whitney Houston, her hometown rallied behind her family to show their support. However, thousands upon thousands of dollars were spent to keep us peasants from 1) the A-list celebrities in attendance, 2) the questionable D-list celebs that were there for a photo-op and 3) any hope of paying respect to the Houston clan.

Now the City of Newark is left with a $187,000 bill for police officers who worked overtime as security during the funeral. Newark residents are pissed, and rightfully so. Newark was shut down! You would have thought Jesus Christ himself was resurrected at New Hope Baptist Church that day in February, but then again isn’t Oprah (who was in attendance) the 2nd coming? The overtime pay accounts for about five percent of the police department’s $4 million annual budget, CBS New York reports, and is an expense that Newark residents say Whitney’s family should have paid.

“Ain’t nobody got time for that” (shout out to Sweet Brown) is the sentiment being expressed throughout Newark as we speak. It’s the exclusion from the memorial service that has fueled locals’ frustration. Originally there were talks of having a public service at the Prudential Center, but changes were quickly made by Houston matriarch, Cissy Houston, who opted for a smaller, more private televised service. Life for Newark ain’t been no crystal stair, unemployment rates are sky high, and money needs to go into the city. So what do you think – should the City of Newark have to pay for this extra expense? Or should Newark tell the Houston family it’s not right, and it’s not okay?

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