Mon, Apr 23, 2012

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Health & Wellness Programs at THE CLUBHOUSE

BY Dr. Todd Hoffman

Health & Wellness Programs at THE CLUBHOUSE

This past week Glocally Newark had the opportunity to stop by THE CLUB HOUSE community center at 205 Spruce St in Newark. The recently renovated clubhouse is under the new management of Ms. Tippens and her amazing staff; Samora Watson, Edward Robertson, and Aliah Boatright.

THE CLUB HOUSE was recently shut down due to neighborhood violence and misuse of the facilities. With the refreshed building and dedicated team it is back to looking amazing!  They have programs for everyone from child to senior citizen, and have opened their doors to the community offering fun classes such as yoga, karate, hip hop dance, and zumba. I felt a great energy walking through it’s halls and hearing about the future of the non-profit community center. Check out the above video to hear about their exciting new programs.

Programs at the Clubhouse



205 Spruce St.

(Corner of Spruce Street & Irvine Turner Boulevard)

Newark, NJ 07108



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  1. mmm3 Says:

    cute video


  2. Lissie Says:

    i think it’s great the club is open to the community again. let’s hope it continues to offer the support our youth and seniors so much deserve. great writing, todd!


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