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From Newark With Love: Postcards From Home

BY Melissa Bee

From Newark With Love: Postcards From Home

You may have recently seen extremely cute postcard packages popping up in your favorite Newark shops titled, From Newark With Love. They are a beautiful sentiment and a great idea from two Newark residents who were tired of their unsuccessful search for Newark branded stationary,  more specifically postcards; everybody’s favorite souvenir.


It all started not long ago, the summer of 2012. Fanny Aizier walked into a few Newark shops to buy a postcard promoting the city she calls home. When she couldn’t find a single postcard, she took the initiative to fill the niche. Pairing up with now partner, Rahim Stennett the two began to photograph some of the more familiar Newark landmarks. Shortly after From Newark With Love was born.

The postcards are 4 x 6 inches, standard postcard size, and sport beautiful photographs of some of our beloved city’s most memorable landmarks. From Branch Brook Park to a sunset over the Newark skyline, the photographs are familiar sites to us Newarkers, and a little taste of our home to the recipients. They are perfect to send to family and friends in faraway places!


Both Fanny and Rahim are graduates of New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark and decided to continue living here afterwards. Fanny first got a job in New York City, but shortly returned to Newark for work,  finding no reason to move away. Raheem had a similar story. “I would much rather be in Newark,” he says, noting especially that it’s a great city for someone on a budget.

So far the From Newark with Love collection includes eight postcard designs, with two more readied for future printing. The two were amateur photographers before this experience and are learning a lot about both Newark and photography in the process of launching their business. In the future, they hope to add more products, such as calendars or greeting cards. Currently they are taking suggestions on their Facebook fan page. They also hope to print the cards in Newark in the future, to support their fellow businesses.

For Fanny and Raheem, this is their first stab at entrepreneurship. “It seems like it’s just postcards, but it’s a whole business,” Fanny noted when discussing the work. She also noted that having no competition is a huge plus. They are operating very close to cost in an effort to get the word out about their product. “In someone’s regular day, I want them to see the cards.” So far, with almost ten locations, they might be able to! Raheem noted the best part about the business however: “I couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

You can currently buy the postcards at one of the following Newark locations: Ashea, Top Shelf Plus, The Price Buster, Luso Americano, Portuguese American Newspaper, Art Kitchen, Mall Newsstand, Intrinsic Café, Corner Spot II, and Source of Knowledge. You can also buy them on their website or straight through Facebook. All credit cards and paypal are accepted on the site.

You can visit their website here, or like them on Facebook here.

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2 Responses to “From Newark With Love: Postcards From Home”

  1. william oster Says:

    This is amazing!!! just the thing Newark needs, I will definitely be visiting one of the locations to purchase my cards :-)


  2. Gretchen Says:

    While I particularly enjoy the article and how well it is written, i really like the fact I know Rahim, BUT I REALLY LIKE THE IDEA. ITS GONNA BE ALL MY CHRISTMAS GIFTS TO MY FAMILY.


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