Tue, Oct 9, 2012

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Free Readings At Aferro And A Short Crawl

BY SamKa

Free Readings At Aferro And A Short Crawl

Friday night I made it to town late. Sometime around 8:00pm or so, I started my Newark Open Doors Gallery Crawl at Gallery Aferro. There was food, beer, and some really interesting art to look at.






When I went upstairs, a friend was getting a free reading. Curious and without much thought, I sat down in front of a blue table across from artist Lane Cooper, who would be reading my facial expressions and general demeanor. Lane doesn’t pretend to be a psychic. In fact she’ll tell you right away that she isn’t. Her readings are based on first impressions. And I thought she was pretty good.




“You have an edge to you.”, she said. Lane went on to tell me about what she thought my childhood was like, what I am, and what I will be – success is in my future! I could not agree with her full interpretation. ¬†Though, it is startling to find that others perceive us in a totally different way than we perceive ourselves. Even more so, when the reading is mostly accurate.




After my reading, it was time to move along. With not much time left, I made quick stops at Rupert Ravens Gallery and the Bushberg Building where the Newark Arts Council had taken up shop.










The night ended at Index Art Center with a sneak preview of the Kislak.




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