First Snow Storm of the Season “Stay Warm”

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snow storm 2014

The first major snowstorm of 2014 has intensified, prompting the National Weather Service this afternoon to expand its blizzard warning to the South and North Shore where some towns have already received 8 inches of snow, an amount that could reach 24 inches in spots before the storm fades away mid-morning on Friday.

Meteorologists at predict that northern New Jersey will see between six and 12 inches of snow. Central Jersey will likely get between 3 and 6 inches and southern New Jersey will see only a few inches.  Newark has received 6 – 8.5 inches of snow.  The issues is that the snow is dry and cold, and due to the high wind blowing around.  “It’s going to get very cold during the course of the event and quite windy,” Robinson said. “It is going to be really nasty (Thursday) night and Friday.”  Robinson added that the area should expect “road flooding followed by a flash freeze.” Accuweather warned that the storm will not only affect road travel, but air travel as well because of poor visibility and high winds.

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Officials at PSE&G, the state’s largest electric and gas utility, said today the company is closely monitoring the storm and is preparing for it by making sure personnel will be available to handle any outages, vehicles are fueled, generators have been tested and coordinated the company’s efforts with county and municipal emergency management teams.  NJ Transit Trains running on Holiday schedule.

The storm, taking energy from the Gulf of Mexico and across North America, will start to develop off the coast of Cape Hatteras in North Carolina and track north throughout the day Thursday, culminating on Friday morning and afternoon for much of the Northeast.

Please note: Due to fringed temperatures the grow surfaces could be slippery.  Any below 15 degrees make salting sidewalks and streets are inactive, at these temperatures slating will not melt snow.  Even though there is no driving ban, driver are  urged  stay off the roads if possible.

“Minimize outside activities,” . “This is pretty, in some respects, it’s nice to look at. But these temperatures are very, very dangerous.”

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Most schools, colleges, and universities were closed today and most are expected to be in the same status on Friday in the wake of forecasts that snow will fall throughout Thursday night and into Friday morning, bringing with it dangerously cold air measured in single digits.

Stay warm and hydrated.

Department of Transportation spokesman Joe Dee says crews have made progress in plowing snow off highways.  “Right now roads are snow covered but passable everywhere in the state. So of course we’re urging motorists who need to get out on the roads this morning to build in extra time and go slow, and certainly if you encounter a train of snow plows, stay behind them, don’t pass them.”Dee says the job isn’t done yet.  “We’ve got about 3,300 pieces of equipment out there plowing or spreading salt. We’re just going at it nonstop, and we expect to continue plowing probably until the afternoon.”


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