Fashion Revamped Under Construction Part Deux (Part 1)

BY lyanne

The styles and new trends were presented at Essex County College’s (ECC) 33rd annual fashion show. This years name was “Revamp, Under construction Part Deux”, a continuation from last years exciting lineup of design and couture. Those who attended this show was not disappointed, the show featured over 600 original designs, 53 models, and over 21 designer. The beauty of ECC show is they have models of all sizes; each walks in their own unique manner, and brings a different flavor to the runway. They had Plus Size Models and Straight Size Models, short and tall, all beautiful.

This home grown event continues to “WOW”, college student, local fashion devotee, witness the depth of originality that in traditionally reserve to 5th Avenue, the fashion district of New York.


The event producer and founder, Gerald Holloway, of  Essex County College (PEB) Physical Education Building Coordinator, has used the fashion show as a developmental tool train students of fashion and design, but equally important production theater and stage production. Not just a fashion show, every year a portion of each show proceeds have gone to a worthwhile charity. This year a portion of the proceeds benefit Butterfly Walker Inc., Alliance of Hope for Lupus. along with a tuition scholarship in the name of producers beloved sister, Doris Loretta Holloway, who passed away in 2014.

Street style,  more so than the red carpet or any other celebrity stomping ground, is the largest indicator of whether last season’s runway trends have actually taken off, we have to see along the sidewalks, cocktail events, parties and the boardrooms adoptions of fashion trends.  The ECC fashion show covers all seasons.  What’s Trending Now in 2015 Fashion. With Seventies influences from Saturday night fever to hippy deluxe, a khaki nod to military style alongside nautical accents, new plays on denim, orient couture experiments with transparency, animal prints, black and whites, polka dots, lace, fringes,patchworks of vintage prints and a mix & match approach to volume and fabric, for Summer 2015 we’re set to see contrast take center stage. If you only have one takeaway from the Spring/Summer collections, “Revamp” makes it a move towards singularity, hot, spicy and daring with a modern energy that makes it uniquely urban, and sultry Newark at it’s best.  Here are some styles and selections that we loved. Stay a step ahead as we present a round-up of the runway trends of 2015.

Popular this year, and traditional classic combination is monochromatic combination of black and white, with a dash of red for spicy. Some designed measure the amount of red to temper the temperature of the design. nHere in the show, the monochrome was in full form, in short minis to long evening, business, and all plain fun. Monochrome is timely and can be updated with a little vintage to add further sophistication.

Often, a slight bit of bra peeking though a top is not only sexy, it can actually enhance an outfit. Picture an all-black, demure look with a pop of a bright lace undergarment.  However, the trend for transparent looks has gone way beyond sexy subtlety these past few seasons.

It’s not uncommon to see women put an outfit back on the hanger at a store because their derriere is fully exposed, or the top is blatantly transparent, and not meant to be worn with undergarments.  It should come as little surprise that much of the current trend that we see in fashion at the moment ties back to the 60s and Rudi Gernreich.

Gernreich became widely known as the “topless designer” after he invented the topless swimsuit, as well as the pubikini – a bikini with a pubic hair exposing window in the front. He is also responsible for the first thong swimsuit, and the wireless, sheer “No-Bra Bra,” from Warner.

While Gernreich may be a pioneer when it comes to literal transparency – which has made its way onto catwalks as diverse as Jil Sander, Erin Fetherston, and John Galliano in recent seasons – it was Madeleine Vionnet who first made this penchant chic. In the 1930s, the iconic designer used transparent fabrics which she manipulated, layered, and draped so well that she was able to give her evening gowns a fluid, goddess-like effect that transcended any issues of overexposure. You may even recall these from the Met’s Goddess exhibit a few years back.

The peek-a-boo trend won’t seem to die. It was all over for Fall, and reared its fashionable head again this season not just in casual wear, but even in evening gowns. Critics weren’t always amused with the abdomen-exposing evening gowns.  ECC fashion show tantalized with transparent designs in black. 

As one of the strongest style trend this year is polka dots.  They  have been interpreted by designers such Dolce&Gabbana, Lela Rose and Dior just to name a few, are using polka dots in a wide variety of ways. Notwithstanding the Spanish influence of the season, from sequins to embroidered tulle, until the combination with flowers polka dots are one of the strongest trends for the coming season. It’s now trending everywhere as a must have for spring and summer. It’s actually hard to report this as a ‘trend’ since polka dots seem to always circle back just as much as stripes. Two examples on the runway were Dolce and Gabbana and Lela Rose. Dolce and Gabbana were very inspired by the spanish flamenco thematic and juxtaposed this pattern with romanticism and red flowers. Lela Rose on the other hand was influenced by Japanese silhouettes. She mixed dots with florals and including modern cutouts. Two completely different point of views but yet transferrable to every day wear. Lets be honest, polka dots are everywhere these days from home goods, stationary to apparel and accessories. It’s feminine, timeless, demure and quite easy to wear from day to night. What woman doesn’t like that kind of versatility in her wardrobe right? In the show polka dots were showcased in various combinations and patterns, from herringbone, and polka dots combinations, polkadots, joined in side transparency material, polka dots shirts combined with leather jackets, and mix fabric polka dot dress.


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