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“Everyone has a Twin” | Al Roker find his in Newark

BY Scott Jeremy

“Everyone has a Twin” | Al Roker find his in Newark

This past Wednesday, did you happen to see a Newark resident featured on a daily news broadcast? It wasn’t Newark’s Mayor, Cory Booker, as he talked Governing Policy on The Daily Show. (Although both aired on the same day) As part of a special report on Doppelgangers, NBC matched up their anchors, featuring weather anchor Al Roker and his “twin”, also know as South-Ward resident, Tony Vaughn.

The Doppleganger theme seams to be arising on multiple news outlets. Based on the work of Francois Brunelle, a Montreal photographer who is compiling a collection of photos of people whose resemblance to each other,  ABC News launched a special short documentary entitled “Everyone has a Twin.” (see below) The Doppelganger Theory states that even with the billions of combinations possible in DNA with the immense amount of people on Earth, it is possible that there is an identical (or near identical) double for each person.

Tony spoke out that it was an honor to participate in the comparison. “So often we only see and hear negative reporting on Newark, New Jersey. Through all the noise and distractions, there exist positive occurrences in Newark. If I can play a role bringing positive attention to my city, then I am happy to be apart of that”. Well we say, “Job well done. ”  What do you think… Tony will you be doing the weather anytime soon?

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Learn more about Brunelles work and “Everyone has a Twin,” by watching the below short, Documenting Dopplegangers:

Above photo: Courtesy of NBC News
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