Dominic Tamin: Entrepreneur with a Vision

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by David Thomas

Dominic Tamin is a man on a mission, a man with a vision, but it wasn’t always that way for the young man from Cameroon. Tamin’s road to success has been a long and sometimes hard one. Coming from humble beginnings on a West African palm oil plantation, Tamin eventually immigrated to the United States where he attended Orange High School. He faced his share of academic struggles but managed nevertheless to graduate from high school.


Tamin is living proof that hard work and determination do eventually pay off. Tamin was barely admitted to Kean University but utilized his soccer skills and the equal educational opportunity program to gain acceptance to the university. Once admitted to Kean, he managed to overcome his academic deficits and eventually obtained his master’s degree in Computing Mathematics and Statistics. Additionally, Tamin holds certifications in real estate and insurance and is an IRS-Enrolled tax agent. He has learned to gather as many tools into his arsenal as possible.


Tamin always dreamed as a child of being rich and successful. He also grew up believing that he would one day have his own business. As a kid, he used to sell food items with his mom. Perhaps that is where he caught the entrepreneurial bug. Working for the man was never in his plans. Tamin relates, “When you have your own business, there are no limits. Because it’s your business you can take it as far as you want to go. But, when you work for someone else, there is always a ceiling.” True to his dreams, Tamin utilized the skills he acquired to found a multi-pronged business, Empak Corporation.


Empak Corporation offers services in the following areas: financial and business consultation, tax preparation, media, marketing, advertising, graphics and artist management. He even has his own record label, Empak Music. Tamin is serious about making an impact in his community, in New Jersey, indeed in the world.


Not content to rest on his accomplishments, Tamin ventured out in 2012 from his tax consultant base and began producing concerts. He has produced shows to raise money for breast cancer and autism research. Always looking to grow and take on new challenges, Tamin came up with the vision for an awards show that would celebrate the breadth of the African entertainment industry. This venture would allow him to combine his love for Africa, his love for America, and his desire to positively impact both worlds. On October 2015, the vision became a reality as the first annual African Entertainment Awards USA (AEA-USA) were presented at the Mary Burch Theater of Essex County College in Newark. This was the first awards show of its kind to be held in the US. The event brought together artists from every region of Africa as well as artists from the diaspora to celebrate African achievement.


For many of us, it was an eye-opening experience to hear all the different styles of African popular music. The awards show featured such artists as Eddy Kenzo (Uganda), Wanito (Haiti), Togar Howard (Liberia), Gilyto (Cape Verde), MC Galaxy (Nigeria), Ommy Dimpoz (Tanzania), Kirk Brown (Barbados) and Pastor Bonnie Deuschle (Zimbabwe) just to name a few. For many of the artists present, this was their first exposure to American audiences. 2015 laid the foundation for the awards presentation, but that was simply the first in what promises to be an enduring institution. Having established relationships with all the different African performers, Tamin continues to stay in touch with them and was even asked by one of the top African entertainers to take over management of his career. Thus begins a new chapter for Empak Corporation.


Tamin is far more than just a businessman however. He is a community leader and advocate. He says that his concern for others and his desire to see others succeed is something that was inborn. When he envisioned the African Entertainment Awards, the main thrust of the awards was to shine a light on issues affecting the African community while celebrating leaders who are actually making positive social and economic change. Tamin enjoys the support of Congressman Donald Payne as well as the African community.


Currently, Tamin is allied with a number of causes including the Save Our Nation Movement initiated by Michael Gray to help orphans affected in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea in West Africa.  He has also been a passionate advocate for the creation of a Congressional African Immigrant Caucus to champion issues faced by African immigrants in the US and its territories. This past year, Tamin was also instrumental in requesting that congress extend the temporary protected status visas for persons from ebola infected regions of Africa.


Tamin believes in walking the walk and not just talking the talk. Over the years, Tamin has donated over $30,000 in cash and services to uplifting his community. Giving back to the community and making an impact, is at the core of what Tamin is all about.


Sometimes life brings us back to where we started. A man of many talents, Tamin teaches math at his old alma mater, Orange High School. Like most teachers, Tamin often finds himself admonishing his students to buckle down and apply themselves because one day they’ll be glad that they did. What Tamin’s students have in him is a role model for whom success did not come easy, but who persevered and was determined to make it against the odds. “If I can do it, you can do it too. But, you have to set it in your mind and in your heart.” Many of his students know of his success, but do they know the sacrifice and discipline it took to get where he’s at today?


Truly a renaissance man– educator, entrepreneur and investor — Tamin is an international entrepreneur whose mission is not limited to the US. Tamin has invested over a million dollars through Empak Corp in China and Africa in such ventures as a revolutionary all-in-one home entertainment system that allows you to access the world without leaving your sofa and a palm oil production enterprise.  He is currently growing Empak Corporation’s core tax service business and is looking forward to taking the AEA-USA Awards to even higher heights in 2016. What’s more, 2016 has brought about the expansion of Empak Corporation into the realm of artist management. The blessings continue to flow his way.


What lies ahead for Dominic Tamin? Truly, the sky is the limit. Tamin invites others to join with him by investing in Empak Corporation. His ultimate goal is to turn Empak into a multi-billion dollar enterprise that provides myriad services to the world. Tamin is a man on a mission, and there is no stopping him. His drive, resourcefulness and ingenuity are an inspiration to us all.

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