Fri, Mar 1, 2013

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Dannu: Letting Creativity Flow on a Canvas

BY Chelo Briosi

Dannu: Letting Creativity Flow on a Canvas

“My art is nothing but the purest expression of me; I try to find mood and feelings through color, lines, shapes.”

It is quite impossible not to fall in love with the city we live in. Meeting new people makes you realize of the potential and talent quietly walking around. Everyday you will find a new reason to assure you this is the right place; that this is the right time. Recently, I had the opportunity to be introduced to Dannu, a very talented painter as well as a very nice guy originally from Kearny, NJ.


Dannu remembers his first time picking up a brush like it was yesterday. At the age of 17, back in High School, he chose not to follow the assignment they had in art class and decided to just let his emotions pour out on the canvas; letting his creativity flow. This rebellious act was the first that began his walk to where he is right now. He was so thrilled with his first painting that he hasn’t stop creating since that moment.


Dannu is an abstract painter, who paints primarily with works with acrylic paint. His only technique when it comes to painting is grabbing a brush and letting his imagination take over, “Everything I know how to do comes from practice and curiosity.”

One of the most obvious influences in his paintings is the legendary Pablo Picasso, “his artwork makes me want to find a voice in painting as well as he did.”

Every piece he has produced shares a story, prompting viewers to feel and form opinions. He would like his audience to see themselves through his paintings, not about what is on the canvas, but how it reflects to them internally.


TONIGHT – Friday, March 1st from 6pm until 9pm, Dannu is finally going to have the opportunity to expose his work  for the very first time at Art Kitchen [61 Halsey St.]  Stop by and check it out! 


If you miss the opening, you can still enjoy Dannu’s work on Instagram: @takepartofme or contact him directly at

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  1. Rebecca Kleinschmidt Says:

    Way to go Danny! We are so proud of all your hard work :) Can’t wait to celebrate your big night tonight buddy!


  2. Elle Says:

    Amaing work! Such a talented painter!


  3. Karla Says:

    Food for the eye. Great work!


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