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Damien Crawford: Jersey’s King of Urban Pop

BY Isaam Sharef

Damien Crawford: Jersey’s King of Urban Pop

Damien Crawford puts the D in Dope! The self proclaimed Prince of Urban Pop can be seen ripping the stage throughout the NY/NJ area with a stage show that rivals Beyonce. This man right here is the epitome of great dreams becoming reality. If you work hard, dreams really can come true and with his first album “Crawford Cronicles” and his second release “The Reign” he’s proven himself to be an entertaining commodity. Ladies and gentlemen, girls and queens… I introduce to you Mr. Damien Crawford.

Where are you from in New Jersey?

Piscataway, NJ. Born, raised, and currently reside.

How did you get into music?

I started playing instruments in my elementary school band and continued learning and playing new instruments into high school. In college I started singing and performing in talent shows. I couldn’t stop after college. I had to keep going. Performing became a passion that I couldn’t let go! Soon after, my first project, “The Crawford Chronicles,” was created.

Who are some of your influences?

Beyonce, Prince, Rihanna, Usher, Katy Perry, Chris Brown, Dawn Richard, Danity Kane, Michael Jackson, etc…

As of recently, you have been recognized as an openly gay artist. How do you feel that defines you, if at all?

I feel like I have been embraced by a beautiful community of people. I create some powerful songs that seem to resonate most with the LGBT community. I love that my music can impact the feelings and emotions of others. Though I have never confirmed or denied my own sexuality, I don’t mind the continued speculation of Mr. Crawford. I can be a pretty private person when it comes to my personal life. I’m a man of mystery.

Has being from New Jersey influenced your musical style?

I definitely think the proximity of Jersey to the fashion capital of the world (New York City) has influenced my style. From the clothes to the music, it definitely pushed me more toward an “URBAN POP” sound with a clean look.

Where can people see you next?


I am putting together another small U.S. tour this summer, the first stop being the album release party this spring with my partner Isaam Sharef. Tour locations are tentatively set for Jersey, New York, Baltimore, Miami, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

What’s next for you?

My new album “Champion” is set to be released in March 2013. This is truly the best work I have ever done. It will be my 3rd project and it definitely shows growth. I created an album full of powerful hits that I hope will change this indie music game. I see big things for this album. I am also teaming up with the American Cancer Society and for $1.00, people will be able to download my entire album. All the proceeds will go to cancer research!

Where can people find you?

Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: @DamienCrawford

All my music can be downloaded at, Amazon, and iTunes.

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