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Brick City Varsity Presents: Looks for Less XVIII

BY Brick City Varsity

Brick City Varsity Presents: Looks for Less XVIII

Happy Wednesday, mavens and bargainistas. Each week, your neighborhood mecca of style Brick City Varsity endeavors to replicate designer looks on a Brick City budget. Featuring items purchased from Newark-area thrift stores (all of which are available for purchase at our private, appointment-only showroom in North Newark), our weekly column aims to show our fellow residents exactly how to polish and refine the gems that surround us. So, tune in every week as we map out a sartorial how-to that will help you create show-stopping looks tailored for your life in Brick City!

This week’s fashion tête-à-tête is a coming of age, of sorts. For most fashionistas over 25, there’s one legendary film that popped your fashion cherry and caused your very first sartorial orgasm. With Alicia Silverstone in the role of the the sumptuously spoiled Cher Horrowitz, the 1995 film Clueless became an instant classic amongst our generation. Although it was her computerized closet that made us swoon, it was the yellow plaid skirt suit that Cher wore to class that helped us realize that there’s no such thing as being overdressed. So, in honor of the moment that so many of us were transformed from run-of-the-mill eighties babies into lifelong style mavens, this week’s spread is inspired by Cher’s little yellow suit… all grown up!

To replicate this iconic look, we used a wonderful 2-piece skirt set from our showroom ($40) and added a black button-up blouse ($17) with tuxedo detail, a high, ruffled neckline and subtly tufted shoulders. For a bit of Cher’s flair, we added a silk scarf ($9) that fuzed a bold red hue with an equally bold animal print. Left to the designer big wigs, this combination would cost as whopping $1400, but the Brick City Varsity price for the ensemble is a mere $70. That’s a steal for just one look, but check out our Tumblr blog to see how we broke the suit into separates to create even more bang for your buck! If you’re not head over heels for this homage to Cher 2012, well… you just might be Clueless!


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  1. Two Headed Monster Says:

    Loooove your posts! I mean “popped your fashion cherry and caused your very first sartorial orgasm” ???? YESSSSSSSSS


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