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Brick City Varsity Presents: Looks for Less XV

BY Brick City Varsity

Brick City Varsity Presents: Looks for Less XV

Happy Monday, mavens and bargainistas. Each week, your neighborhood mecca of style Brick City Varsity endeavors to replicate designer looks on a Brick City budget. Featuring items purchased from Newark-area thrift stores (all of which are available for purchase at our private, appointment-only showroom in North Newark), our weekly column aims to show our fellow residents exactly how to polish and refine the gems that surround us. So, tune in every week as we map out a sartorial how-to that will help you create show-stopping looks tailored for your life in Brick City!


This week finds us confronting a powerful little juggernaut that’s taking our city by storm… literally! Her name is Hurricane Sandy, and her brazen ways and inconsolable fury has made her an overnight celebrity. Her recent move from beachfront to the cityscape got us thinking about all of Brick City’s own brash and brazen women. From their dizzying tempests to their voracious appetites for destruction, it seems that our city’s cache of no-nonsense glamazons may be the perfect bedfellows for Sandy and her record-breaking intensity.


The thought of the deliciously dark femme fatale immediately drew to mind one of this season’s hottest color trends: oxblood. Cited for its boldness, drama, depth and provocative morbidity, oxblood is indeed Autumn’s new black. Making appearances everywhere, from lipstick and bags to gowns and booties, it’s one trend that — like Sister Sandy — refuses to be ignored.

The centerpiece of our look is an amazing reversible trench that offers contrasting khaki and oxblood options. So, whether you prefer to be understated and demure with just a hint of danger or a full-on firebrand without any niceties or concessions, our $49 trench will protect you from the elements AND from overspending. (After all, you’d spend over $900 trying to strike this balance of trendy color and exquisite silhouette were you to go the designer route!)

A blend of nude and camel with gold accessories ensures that oxblood’s richness doesn’t oversaturate the ensemble. The addition of the animal-print belt, however, serves as a not-so-subtle reminder that this outfit isn’t intended for the meek at heart. No, ma’am. This one is for those history-making forces of nature that are audacious enough to wear the blood and bring the rain. So, as Sandy’s savage winds tear through Brick City, hunker down, stay dry, plot your assault, and take comfort in the fact that you are one of the lucky ladies who can enlist the support of Newark’s hottest vintage boutique to build your fashion arsenal as you take the world by storm!

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