Tue, Sep 18, 2012

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Brick City Varsity Presents: Looks for Less IX

BY Brick City Varsity

Brick City Varsity Presents: Looks for Less IX

Happy Monday, mavens and bargainistas. This week’s “Looks for Less” feature is taking a detour from recreating designer looks on a Brick City budget to focus on introducing you to the unique pairings created using items from Newark-area thrift stores. (All items are available for purchase at our private, appointment-only showroom in North Newark.)

Many regard fashion as the domain of a) the rich or b) overly-indulgent folks that are irresponsible enough to live beyond their means to appear rich. Here at Brick City Varsity, however, we’ve built an entire brand around the belief that great style can be achieved irrespective of one’s budget. So, check out this smattering of memorable stylings from the look-a-day postings we provide for our loyal Facebook and Instagram followers, and take note of the jaw-dropping affordability.


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