Mon, Aug 6, 2012

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Brick City Varsity Presents: Looks for Less III

BY Brick City Varsity

Happy Monday, mavens and bargainistas.

This week’s “Look for Less” spread is an homage to the quintessential Newarker — the downtown girl. Building upon the black palette that’s become the touchstone of urban life, the downtown girl adds a bit of gold plated bling on the belt and neck and, of course, bold punches of bright color in her jacket. For headwear, her options were the retro 80s Kangol (a la LL Cool J) or the retro 90s snapback (a la Will Smith). She’s opted instead for a felt fedora (a la RUN DMC), which brings a decidedly masculine energy to the ensemble. That androgyny is also taken up in the unisex graphic tee, which she’s pulled back to expose a bit of shoulder and a bunch of muscle. Make no mistakes, the downtown girl carries every bit of the  strength that earned Brick City its tough reputation.

So, whether she’s headed to the Prudential Center to see her favorite skateboarder take the gold or swinging by the Golden Crust for a beef patty, this Broad & Market veteran is a case study in balancing impeccable style with urban strength. And, as you can see, she’s also a budget conscious bargainista, having saved over $1700 by skipping the designer labels and shopping BCV instead.

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3 Responses to “Brick City Varsity Presents: Looks for Less III”

  1. Rae Says:

    Perfection at it’s best…Love the look


  2. Linda Says:

    Where is your showroom located? Are there hours or is it by appointment?


  3. Brick City Varsity Says:

    Thanks Rae!

    @Linda: Check out for information on booking an appointment.


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