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Boss Lady.

BY NinaPilar

Boss Lady.

She writes “read at your own risk.” While that may seem dramatic – some of the concepts that Author Fatima Scipio presents are intended to push us out of our comfort zones. With chapter titles like “The Boss Lady Mindset,” “Stiletto Power,” and “The A-Game,” it promises to be a fast-paced, practical read that you won’t have to “get back to.” Take a look at the Q&A and the details of the December 1st launch party!

Q. What do you do professionally and has it influenced the book/decision to write Boss Lady?

Professionally I train social workers to empower families involved in the child welfare system.  I would like to think there were a number of influences on my decision to write Boss Lady. In my line of work and in listening to women, I have noticed a need for us to understand the importance of renewing our mind and spirit in order to be successful in life. Whether a woman chooses to have a career, be their own boss or be a stay at home mom who is caring for the family- Having a positive sense of self will benefit everyone in our lives.

Q. What was the inspiration for the book?

The inspiration for writing Boss Lady stemmed from one of my Tee Shirt designs. As an entrepreneur it’s very challenging managing a fulltime job, a business, not for profit organization on top of being a wife and a mother so I designed a tee shirt to salute women who were making things happen.

I remember watching the Steve Harvey sitcom and the actress Wendy Racquel Robinson was coined boss lady because of her being this classy, no nonsense principal (laughing) she too was part of the inspiration.

The book initially was supposed to be about entrepreneurship based on my experience and as I began to write, I found myself speaking to all women who have been in my shoes or women who are trying to find their way. I found myself sharing with women what it really meant to be a boss lady and it went beyond what was happening on the outside of us, beyond the material things. It became more spiritual than anything else. How are you to be successful if there is no balance in your life?

How can you teach someone something if you haven’t done it yourself? So everything that I speak about in the book comes directly from my own experiences from work to my home life.

 Q. How long did it take to write?

Surprisingly enough, the book only took about two months. It just flowed. It is an easy to read practical book. I understand we live in a fast paced society so I wanted the book to be something that is relevant and something you can read quickly!

Q. What should we expect from the launch party?

You can expect the launch party to be fun, interactive and empowering!

Who: You (are cordially invited to attend)
What: The National Book Release: A Celebration of Boss Lady: Seven Life Principles to Reign in the New Economy
When: December 1st, 4pm
Where: Loft 47 (47 Edison Place, Newark, NJ)
Come meet the author and have your book autographed. Enjoy complimentary hors d’oeuvres, door prizes, giveaways and great music.
Why: A portion of book sales for this event will go to Camp DreamCatcher Year-Round programs for children whose lives have been touched by HIV/AIDS
How: Reserve your copy of the book by placing your order today. RSVP is required. For more information, contact Aisha Alvarez at

For more information about Author Fatima Scipio, visit

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