Black Data Processing Hold its 10th Annual Family Technology Day

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On Saturday, June 8th the New Jersey Chapter of the Black Data Processing association (BDP), presented a Families in Technology Day, Technology Awareness and Community Empowerment.  at NJIT’s Kupfrian Hall.  BDP is a professional organization found in 1975, and was created to discus the concerns of ethnic minorities in the IT industry.  Over the last 10 years the NJ Chapter has sought to give back to the community by bringing families together to inform them as to the opportunities  in the  field of information technology.

The day event included a series of seminars, and a luncheon presentation.


Dr. Craig Brown, Vice President of the National Chapter introduced the speaker.

This years, keynote speaker, was Dr. Randall Pickett, a successful technology entrepreneur, rhodes scholar ,winner of Trump apprenticeship show, and CEO of BCT Partners.   Dr. Pickett, the  acquirer of  5 scholastic degrees, told the audience  the important of education.    The audience was attentive, and engaged.

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He discussed, the importance of being a producer rather than a consumer.  ”Consumer don’t create, producers do.  My  father brought me and my brother, a computer instead of  video games, and encourage us to make video games rather than playing them, and in several months we began to write operating programs”.  The other principals he shared were determination and suggested taken the road less travel needs to be the norm and common place .  ”For technology trailblazers the road less travel, unknown terrain, is the road that was never traveled.  You must make your own road, the road is made as you walk  along the way”.  Dr. Pickett wanted to dispel the myth regarding technology and the audience were apart of a legacy of innovators in technology.  ”Not only do you come from a legacy in technology, as far back as ancient Africa to modern America, to the present date. People like you were the contributor of  the light bulb,  the computer, understanding of the ozone, understanding of photosynthesis, the elevator the traffic light, and the air condition.  Technology is all around us”.  He then  conveyed  the importance to be a decision makers at the  table of innovation business.   “You need to be owners in technology businesses”.    The presentation was encouraging and inspiring.

P1180099     Emily Nichols-Mitchell, MBA, presented “What the Recruiter Won’t Tell You”

It should be noted that the content of the seminars were designed for the entire family, so both young and old would find the content of seminars interesting and informative.  The workshops covered the following:  Your place and Space, GIS, GPS and Remote Sensing, Cyber Bullying, Powering Your World with Solar Energy,What the Recruiter Won’t Tell You , How the Internet Connect Your World, Smart Phones & Smart Phone Security, Mobile Technology Demands a Mobile Web, and Should I Get a MAC Computer?

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What technology skills can do for you in the 21 century?  ”Technology is driving our society. You are engineering instigators, your are technology innovators, visionary prognosticator.  You are not trouble makers, not player haters.  You are trend originators, you are idea creators, you are anti procrastinators, you are butchers, bakers,  candlestick makers, you make it do what it do.  Are you with me. ”  The audience cheered and applaud.


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