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Bike Exchange-d

BY SamKa

Bike Exchange-d

Last Spring, 31 Central was home to the Bike Exchange. Open 2 days a week and without much of a community buzz, I wasn’t completely surprised when I noticed one day that the Bike Exchange banners were taken down.

The Bike Exchange  is a program run by the Boys and Girls Club.  With an already successful location in Trenton, the idea is that bikes are donated to the Boys and Girls Club and sold at an affordable price. This makes cycling accessible and affordable to the community. The sale of bicycles generate much needed funds for community programs through the Boys and Girls Club. Volunteers assist customers in finding the best bike for them.

Last week, I saw these signs as I was getting lunch nearby. The Bike Exchange had merely re-located to 239 Washington Street.

Hand-written sign outside the former Bike Exchange.

Below where there used to be two blue Bike Exchange banners two handwritten signs direct patrons to a new location.

FYI. For those who don’t know 239 Washington Street was once home to Glocally Newark. It’s an amazing space that I got to know quite well! I can’t wait to check out the Grand Opening of the Bike Exchange and see what they’ve done with it.


BGCN Bike Exchange : Grand Opening – July 14th

239 Washinghton Street

Newark, NJ 07105

(862) 236.3920



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  1. Linda Says:

    Looking forward to this. Its great to have a bike shop in town.



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