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Beez Infiltrate Index Art Center

BY SamKa

Beez Infiltrate Index Art Center

It is no secret that it takes a ton of hard work and forward thinking to get a gallery up and running in Newark, NJ. Not to mention: donations and support of locals, artists, and art buyers.

The best way to stay in business is to find your niche, sometimes looking for unconventional ways to stay afloat. Subletting parts of your space, promoting art through multi-use rooms, studios, and event space. Newark galleries establish their presence by being innovative and business savvy.

Photo: Raisa Nosova


Last year, Kedar Studio sold artist goods for the Holidays. Transforming local artist, Kevin Darmanie’s 585 Broad Street art gallery into a unique shopping experience. The message? Art is affordable, Give the gift of art.

Photo: Raisa Nosova


Now, Beatriz Burgos, at the neighboring Index Art Center is starting her own shop. Something of a hodgepodge of all things art, thrift, and novelty; Bea’s unnamed shop had it’s soft opening on July 21, 2012 , during artist Gianluca Bianchino’s Temporary Bodies. This was Index’s last event for the Summer.

The shop portion of the gallery is Beatriz’ former studio, boasting 20 square feet (if even that). This closet sized endeavor adds new meaning to the term “hole-in-the-wall” store. A rich velvet colored accent wall and strategically placed accessories and furniture, tie the room together nicely. White walls, shelves, and shoes that hang from floor to ceiling give Bea’s shop a boutique feel, making it look much larger than it should.


Photo: Raisa Nosova


Photo: Raisa Nosova


Bea, like her boutique, is small in stature but has a big personality. Certainly an intimate place for great retail finds, the inventory is always changing. Local artists can consign their clothes, art, music, and anything sellable.

Be(a) on the look out for the next Index Art Center event, Scaled to the Infinite, this Friday September 8. Can’t wait until then? Set up an appointment by contacting Beatriz.


Photo: Raisa Nosova


For more info contact Bea at or by contacting Index Arts Center at


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