About Glocally Newark


Glocally LLC ( is a web based multi-media marketing company focusing on Newark and the Greater Newark area. It’s a premiere blog designed to find out “what’s happening” in Newark. Glocally is well-positioned due to its social media and social networking infrastructure, which helps to understand the needs of a young, multi-ethnic, collegiate-centric demographic group which has been growing in economic presence in the region.

Unlike other local blog sites, Glocally has distinguished itself by having experienced, opinionated bloggers and socially hip Newarkers in the know on the happenings around town. It is further distinguished from others by being non-political, concentrating on what makes a socially stimulating and culturally diverse place to live, work, study, and visit. Glocally provides a forum and a platform for the “creative-class” community to have a voice in Newark, which traditionally is drowned out due to the negative media circuit.

In 2009, Glocally was created to respond to a growth in trends in urban centers near college campuses and institutions. Additionally, the desire of a young demographic preferring to obtain its news information via electronic media formats resulted in a push toward technology. For these reasons, Glocally has seen continuing growth in readership along with strong brand recognition. We are well positioned to become the top city blog site.

In early 2012, Glocally was purchased from Newwork, an architecture and development company, to focus the company as broad marketing multi-media offerings. The company has since re-launched with new leadership, with large focus on neighborhood events, better outreach to the university populations, and wider reach into businesses focusing on innovations in media or technology.


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