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4th Annual Birthday Tribute to Michael Jackson

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4th Annual Birthday Tribute to Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is one of the most widely beloved entertainers and profoundly influential artists of all time. He has left an inevitable imprint on popular music and culture and his fans span all across the globe. With all the cultural barriers that he has broken down, there is a very small chance that a person does not know his name. People of all ages also enjoy the music of the “King of Pop”.

On or near Michael’s birthday, fans and lovers of his music celebrate his life and legacy, and traditionally his pilgrimage to New York City, Los Angeles, CA and Gary, IN. Well a little known fact, is Newark has been a reliable source of Michael’s music. Newark, New Jersey is soon becoming a destination for fans to express their love and reverenced for the entertainer who conveyed love throughout his music. This is why we are having our 4th Annual Birthday Tribute to Michael Jackson this Sunday, August 26 from 12 – 6pm at Washington Park in Newark. To his fans, Michael was an unique and irreplaceable artist. “We want to spread the love for his music, creativity and his legacy he has left behind,” said Dominique Wilson, a well know Michael Impersonator and President of the MJ fan club in Newark. The celebration is held annually at Washington Park, sponsored by The Commons Community Development Corporation, and the Washington Park Conservancy.

There will be a talented line-up of performers, singers, dancers, and Michael Jackson Impersonators. The event programming spans Michael’s career. A band will feature a young extraordinary singer covering the early Jackson 5 classics, as well as others singing the latest selection that made Michael the “King of Pop.”  A DJ will be playing all of Michael’s hits and rarely heard songs along with some unreleased music selections. There will also be a “Moves Like Mike” competition with three categories “Best Look,” “Best Singer,” and “Best Dancer” and the audience can sign-up and participate. Children under the age of thirteen will also have a segment where they can showcase their talent. We look forward to seeing you there spreading all of Michael’s legacy and love!

This is a free event for everyone. Washington Park is located at Washington St. and James St. near the Newark Museum and Newark Public library.

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