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2014 Horoscope “Predictions”

BY lyanne



As with resolutions also comes predictions for the up coming year.  So this got the Glocally team to reach out to the cosmology and astrology community for their zodiac predictions.  Now before we present predictions, we understand that there has alway been a debate in this regard to the significance and relevance of zodiac predictions.  The core beliefs of astrology have been in existence since the ancient times. The dispute that whether celestial bodies are only signs of events or a cause of events is still on going debate.  Further still many have questioned the validity of this belief, since it lacks concrete evidence.  These celestial bodies basically include the Sun, the Moon, the planets, the stars and the lunar nodes. The positions of these bodies are calculated on the basis of the tropical or sidereal zodiacal signs, along with the local horizon (ascendant) and midheaven.  Increasingly, the evidence reveals a cosmos that is more coherent, connected and “informed” in ways not previously imagined.

Of course, none of this necessarily “proves” the validity of astrology; kicking the props from under dated scientific arguments is only the first step in a process. But its also true that many of the new revelations occurring in the fields of physics, biology, cosmology and the new field of consciousness research are more fundamentally compatible with basic astrological assumptions than some would have us believe.

Essentially, the zodiac is a celestial coordinate system, or more specifically an ecliptic coordinate system, which takes the ecliptic as the origin of latitude, and the position of the sun at vernal equinox as the origin of longitude.  Above all lighten up we are just having fun.  Enjoy



December 23 to Jan. 19

Get ready for one stellar career year, Capricorn! 2014 could easily be one of your most successful years on record, thanks to a huge conglomeration of planetary energies pushing you to the next level with your professional goals. For one thing you’ll have the planet of drive powering up the top of your horoscope for an extended stay, January through July. Plus, the North Node of Fate will meet up with Mars in March in your professional zone through the end of the year, making the push to excel a dire necessity. Finally, add to all of this ambition the fact that lovely Venus will be kicking off the year in your stars for the first two months. She’ll be retrograde during your birthday month in January, urging you to revisit old values and relationships. You may even see old friends or lovers crawling out of the woodwork. When Venus moves forward in February, you can expect some serious sweetness in your relationships — and possibly some extra cash.  Saturn, your ruling planet continues his tour through your house of friends and large-scale life ambition in 2014. The work you began last year in terms of restructuring your values around both your social life and long-term goals continues to solidify as you deepen your commitment level. You appreciate the time it takes to make something solid, and you’re starting to see some major pay-offs this year. You’re also now realizing how important business partners, friends and colleagues are in supporting your life goals and keeping you emotionally balanced. Never will you take any of these precious allies for granted for even a second (not that you ever did).



January 20 to Feb. 18

2014 is the year to broaden your horizons and fly the friendly skies, Aquarius. The emphasis is on long-distance travel, philosophy and all forms of conscious awareness. If you’ve been hiding out at home, this is the year to get packing. Unprecedented adventure awaits. Life is sure to take you on some important journeys (literally, figuratively or both) on the quest for revealing the kind of mind-blowing truths that can only come from direct experience. You’ll have Mars firing up your house of travel for the entire first half of the year and quickly joined by the North Node of Fate in March. Wanderlust and travel fever could easily become daily themes, especially during the first half of the year. If you’re not able to physically travel, opt for activities that expand your mental and spiritual horizons, even if that means learning a foreign language or furthering your education.


Feb. 19 to March 20

2014 is the year of major transformation and rebirth, Pisces. You’re about to undertake such a massive personal renovation project that your inner world will never quite look or feel the same. Of course, this will in turn revolutionize your outer world in the most fantastic ways imaginable. The first half of the year continues to celebrate romance and pleasure in a big and fabulous fashion. The overwhelming abundance of love that started crashing into your dreamy world last summer will continue to flourish straight through July. It’s not a question of falling madly in love — it’s a question of why it seems to be a daily occurrence. The spell won’t be broken until summer, so enjoy this incredible fantasy. Once summer comes you may have to choose and commit.



March 21 to April 19

Are you ready to have your world of romance, creativity and relationships totally rocked, Aries? This year focuses so heavily on all themes related to your love life and integrating your opposite polarity (Libra). Get ready for a serious indoctrination on beauty, peace and justice. 2014 promises to deliver endless opportunities to perfect your skills in being the best lover and partner you can possibly be. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your authentic, individual Fire-warrior spirit, but it does mean you’re about to learn the art of compromise in a colossal way. Starting in March, the Nodes of Fate will move into your stars right before your birthday, preparing you for a new cycle focused on the ever-elusive balance between ‘self’ and ‘other’. You may feel you are still shedding old aspects of your personality that no longer serve you or your partnerships — but the payoff is so worth it. You’re a true romantic at heart, ever in search of a truly beautiful and harmonious partnership, and this year just might be the year you get to truly live and experience this like never before. Speaking of love, another major bonus arrives just in time for summer when lucky Jupiter moves into your sector of romance and pleasure for a year.



April 20 to May 20

2014 is the year of expansion, fulfilling work and stellar wellbeing, Taurus! If you’ve fallen prey to the typical Taurus legacy of neglecting your own needs and taking care of everyone else’s problems, this is the year to take your power and your life force back so that you can invest in a brand-new life. No, this does not make you selfish or uncaring, this makes you true yourself and with a greater capacity to give to your loved ones because you will no longer be running on empty — which is probably how you’ve felt over the past few years. You’ve certainly learned the art of releasing control in 2013. The good news is that the fog is finally about to lift as the South Node finally moves out of your stars this March. You’ve been letting go of so many things — from material possessions to antiquated concepts around values and security. In fact, you’ve relinquished so much that you may barely recognize your life at this point, Taurus. You’ve certainly learned to simplify your world in 2013, and now you’re getting ready to go rebuild towards greater beauty and harmony. The focus of 2014 is all about communication, work and daily ritual. If you’ve been promising yourself for eons that you’ll get your daily routine into better balance as in: more exercise, better sleep and less work, this is the year to make that happen.



May 21 to June 20

All of your hard work is totally paying off in 2014, Gemini! The rewards started trickling in throughout 2013, but the real windfall of success is still yet to come. This is the year of perseverance and pay-off. Plus, the super lucky money spree that began late last year continues in 2014. Take advantage of the first six months of the year to work the generous influence of Jupiter in your money zone. The bounty that started last July will continue all the way until summer, so stash some of this awesome surplus for potential rainy days down the road.
Perhaps, the best news of the year is the dramatic shift from work to play. Instead of focusing the majority of your time and energy on projects and the daily grind, you’re now feeling desperately inclined to devote more of your waking hours to creativity and romantic pursuits. The North Node of Fate is finally leaving your work zone and backing up into your house of love, starting this February. This puts the emphasis on the people, places and things you adore most. The desires of your heart take priority this year. Think of 2014 as a chance to live out your second (or third) childhood, Gemini! Your creativity is sure to skyrocket in a way that you haven’t experienced in close to 20 years. This isn’t to say that you won’t still be hard at work, but you will realize that it’s just as important to make time for love and leisure.



June 21 to July 22

You’re still riding high as lucky Jupiter continues his generous tour through your stars in 2014. Maximize this amazing good fortune for the first six months of the year before Jupiter moves on to your neighboring sign of Leo in July. Don’t fear that all of your luck will run dry when Jupiter leaves Cancer. The good news is that starting in July you’ll have the benefit of the big planet working on your money house for a year. If you’ve been waiting for a windfall in your finances, watch how drastically your money situation improves starting this summer. Your confidence has been on the rise since last year, and the increase in self-esteem is about to pay off in myriad ways, Cancer. Yes, you’ve officially come out of your shell and now you’re in high demand, baby!
The focus on intense relationship karma continues in 2014, Cancer. At this point you’re probably feeling like you’ve had enough drama to last an entire lifetime. Saturn and Pluto are still working hard on your love and partnership zones respectively over the next year, asking you to commit to working on your own psychological issues while working on the relationship. The two are mutually independent now. You’re realizing that you can no longer simply afford to blame the other if you’re not happy with the state of the relationship.
Furthermore, after learning some very challenging lessons about navigating power dynamics, you’re feeling more humbled and clear about your own personal boundaries. Integrity has and will continue to be a major theme for the long haul, so consider yourself a divine work-in-progress. More and more you’re seeing how important it is for you to author your own life andlive by the rules that youset for yourself rather than judgments and expectations of others. You’re starting to really master the subtle workings of knowing your limits and asking for what you need without sounding needy.



July 23 to August 22

Your star is about to rise and shine in 2014, Leo. Are you ready for an amazing spell of luck? This summer, the planet of fame and fortune (Jupiter) moves into your stars, catapulting you to the rock star status you so desire and so deserve! Use the first half of the year to prepare on an inner level because the second half is going to explode beyond your wildest imagination. You’re dance card will be so beyond full, it’ll leave you very little time to keep up with yourself. Leo, you’re about to enter a cycle of goodness that only comes around once every 12 years, so prepare to party and live large like the royalty you are!
Watch your words in 2014! It’s nearly impossible to avoid extremes this year, and yet you’ll be forced to temper some of your more dramatic verbal forms of expression as the North Node of fate moves into your communication zone. Get ready to learn the art of diplomacy and compromise in order to keep the flow between you and your loved ones. This doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to your strong opinions, Leo. Nor does it mean you have to sacrifice the headstrong power you’re so known and loved for. What it does mean is that you’re learning the precious significance of tact and timing when it comes to delivering your truth serum. You’re also learning how important it is to truly take into consideration the point of view of the other in order for the highest level of communication to flourish.



August 23 to Sept. 22

This is the year for vacation and retreat, Virgo! You’re known as the proverbial workaholic, but this year you’re about to totally transform your image. If ever there was a time to learn how to kick back and relax, it’s now. Although the first half of 2014 will continue with the crazy social frenzy that began in 2013, by summer you’ll be ready to enter a phase of serious seclusion. Too much socializing proves to be incredibly taxing on your nerves, Virgo. You’re more sensitive than most, and it’s hard for you not to feel the pressure of wanting to help, nurture and support all those who come to you for your brilliant guidance.
The total mental makeover that began in late 2012 is really taking root. Your thinking and communication skills are sharper than ever. You’ve also had to work hard at uprooting any self-defeating thought patterns, and that transformation is starting to pay off as you discover the power of controlling your own mind. Chances are you’ve figured out how important it is to clear you mind if only by exercising or taking a long walk once a day. Too much mental activity is purely exhausting for you, and you’ve had to learn how to turn off your thinking in order to find respite and rejuvenation. That has been the art that Saturn in your house of thinking has taught you over the past year.


September 23 to Oct. 22

If you’ve been a sad and solo Libra, fear not; relationships take ridiculously high precedence in 2014! You surely will not be alone. If you’re already hitched, expect a series of mind-blowing lessons and non-stop insight in the realms of romance and long-term commitment. This is your year to uncover and break through any codependent patterns once and for all. If you’ve been struggling with commitment issues (what Libra, doesn’t?) you will have tremendous support from Saturn and the Nodes of Fate to keep you from your usual fence sitting. The big shift takes place in triggering a series of very fated, life-altering events and destined relationships that will unfold over the next few years. All of your relationships (not just romantic) will be radically transformed, as will you. The themes of balance, justice, and beauty will be all consuming starting in March when the North Node moves into Libra. You’ll feel right in your element as others will also be learning all about the art of diplomacy and compromise with you for a change. Life is about to feel infinitely sweeter in 2014.


October 23 to Nov. 21

The intensity continues, Scorpio! You’ve been through quite a ride in 2013 and you’re very clear that change is the only constant. With all of the trials and tribulations endured, you’re certainly stronger than ever. The metaphor of the Phoenix rising from the ashes (often associated with your sign) could not be more apropos this year. You’ve let go of so much during the last year and now you’re preparing for a major rebirth. After shedding layers upon layers and ancient attachments, you’re ready for the new. This is your year to get crystal clear on what you’re most passionate about and commit to it in the deepest way possible. You are an all-or-nothing sign to begin with, and this is a year when you simply must embrace your all-encompassing nature. You want to live life to the fullest, even if that means going to hell and back. It’s what keeps you feeling on fire and stretched to your max. You want to know that you’re growing and facing your deepest fears and insecurities, and coming back stronger for having done so. This is exactly where you’re at when 2014 kicks in.
You’ve got both Saturn and the North Node of Fate in your constellation again this year, creating a powerful feeling of destiny. The North Node will move out of your stars in March, so you may be concluding a powerful evolutionary chapter around this time around intimacy and commitment fears. You’re about to then enter a phase where you’re being asked to look inward and reflect on the relationship you have with yourself, Scorpio. Put all of those hard lessons you survived in 2013 via your love life to the test by closely examining the relationship you have with yourself. How do you treat Number One?


November 22 to Dec. 21

2014 could prove to be one of your most social years on record, Sag! The isolation you endured in 2013 is finally coming to an end. Nothing is more unbearable to your free-bird soul than the feeling of being sequestered! Luckily, 2014 proves to be just the opposite. If anything, you’ll be craving a retreat by the end of the year just to recover from the non-stop mixing and mingling. There’s so much emphasis on your house of groups, friendships and long-term goals that you’ll happily be back in the ambitious saddle this year. You live for goals, challenges and aiming sky-high. This is your year to totally push past every limit imaginable. You’ll even surprise yourself with how resourceful you can be. Plus, you’ve got so much support from friends, family and colleagues that you cannot possibly lose.
The emphasis is on your friendships and allies this year. You’ve never needed or appreciated the help of your friends more than you will in 2014. The beauty and brilliance of this year is how your tribe will faithfully come through for you again and again. There’s nothing more valuable. Friends and community are your saving grace and source of endless celebration. This is also one of the best years on record to gather together your favorite like-minded people to accomplish greatness. It doesn’t matter whether you rally for business, creativity, spirituality or all of the above. The point is to congregate. There is crazy strength in numbers this year, so work those connections!


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