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10 Things a Jerseylicious Girl Knows For Sure

BY Two Headed Monster

10 Things a Jerseylicious Girl Knows For Sure

Big hair, spray tan, smoky eye, animal print and bubbies lifted to the heavens…what creature am I describing? A stereotypical Jersey girl of course, and yes the hit Style Network show “Jerseylicious” is full of them! The show, which follows the colorful employees of the Great Gatsby salon in Green Brook, just wrapped Season 4, with a reunion show hosted by Vivica A. Fox and more drama than you can shake a French manicured nail at!

And stylist Tracy DiMarco seems to be at the center of it all. She can definitely be described as the drama queen of the show, so it’s only right that when Zap2it decided to put together a guide to Jersey girl wisdom, they tapped DiMarco to come up with the ultimate list.

Here are DiMarco’s 10 things a Jerseylicious Girl knows for sure:

1.) A real Jersey girl loves having attitude but being sweet at the same time. She always sticks up for her girls no matter what!!! Chicks before d**ks!

2.) A real Jersey girl loves big hair, a good tan — spray tan, because its healthier — and always leaves the house done up, looking her best!

3.) A real Jersey girl knows the real Jersey Shore… before it got turned into a huge joke TV show.

4.) A real Jersey girl loves animal print (of any kind) and has at least one room dedicated to the print in her house.

5.) A real Jersey girl has fake eyelashes, fake nails, fake tan, fake hair (extensions)… but are the most honest and real girls you’ll ever meet!

6.) A real Jersey girl can rock any outfit she wants and hold her head high, because she’s confident.

7.) A real Jersey girl knows every bouncer in NJ clubs and they all know her!! VIP all the way.

8.) A real Jersey girl can change from work attire to her club outfit in her car because she always carries around a full makeup kit, teasing comb, hairspray, shoes and clothes.

9.) A normal girl takes one item of jewelry off before leaving her house, but a Jersey girl puts on three more pieces of jewelry on before leaving!

10.) A real Jersey girl lives by the words, “The higher the hair, the closer to God.”

All my Jersey girls out there…do you agree with this list? Or is being from Jersey more than just over the top style and a straight no chaser attitude?

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